Arena of Valor MOD APK (Map Hack, 60 FPS Mode, Drone View)

Updated on 11/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameArena of Valor APK
PublisherGarena Mobile Private
MOD FeaturesMap Hack, 60 FPS Mode, Drone View
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Surely Arena of Valor is not an unfamiliar name to you or at least has heard or seen related images on the media. Released by Garena then Tencent Games continued to develop, the game is gaining popularity from global users. The game mode in the form of an arena to find out who has the best skill is extremely competitive. Anyone who plays the game Arena of Valor wants to have a position with enough influence in the team. Using such a rich source of equipment has no reason to win out of reach.

If you are playing games on other servers, you need to find the right name for learning. Currently in Vietnam Lien Quan Mobile is a game worth playing to clearly show class. Skill comes first, hone it from the practice game.

Arena of Valor mod

Download Arena of Valor mod – Super product Moba can not be missed

Good game but the experience it brings on the phones is quite good. Support both on Android and iOS operating systems, so download from the app market quickly. If you play the game Arena of Valor for the first time, there will be an introductory video trailer. Of course, if you don’t want to see it, you can ignore this feature and then login now. Online multiplayer arena often has interesting new events. Each time like that, there will usually be a new version updated with many features released.

Impressions of Arena of Valor

  • Rich multiplayer game mode, competitive ranking in the fierce environment.
  • Character list system extremely much, adding new continuously.
  • Equip and item storage for each individual character.
  • Events with real value rewards for excellent players.
  • Create opportunities for everyone to participate in tournaments across continents and globally.

Arena of Valor mod free

Garena Arena of Valor – The game modes

If you are looking for a game worth your time or already know the success of Arena of Valor , congratulations. Arena of Valor can actually reach a 10-point scale for appearance and quality. There are many options for the player to show off in the game however it is not that important. The script, the new organization is something to pay attention to during the game. You will find yourself saying nothing wrong, there is no reason for it to fool millions of people. Everyone wants to play the game the way they want it so let’s see what the game mode below has for you.

Normal fight

In normal mode, you can understand it in an innocuous way. What does that mean? When you play, you will get points and bonuses, not your achievements. If you still do not understand, then a little bit more GameDVA will share more clearly in the battle mode. However, to be polite to play the game has a bit of potential, do not lose continuously. In this normal battle mode, there are many interesting things for you to explore.

Arena of Valor mod apk

1 vs 1 (Solo)

You and your opponent are present at the unique bridge, fighting hand-to-hand with the selected character. This mode helps players improve their personal skills effectively. It evaluates each gamer’s most objective ability because there are only 2 people. The map here is arranged in a single line, 2 auxiliary pillars and 1 main pillar. Each side tries to push the troops into the opponent’s restricted area and break the main turret. In general, if you want to learn more personal style this is a good choice for you.

Match 3 vs 3

Present in a more open position on the Green Highlands, you and 2 other people attack your opponent. Currently, the updated version of Arena of Valor only has 1 main and secondary pillar to destroy. However, there was the appearance of the two-headed Dragon and the blue charm. When killing helps increase damage, experience, gold as well as not lose mana for teammates. If you want to win, you shouldn’t focus too much on combat. Join your teammates to collect items, destroy monsters for more power.

Match 5 vs 5

You will know all the cool things in this mode. Rated as the most complete mode in Arena of Valor game, there is all that needs to be exploited. Each team has 5 members, discuss divided equally among positions to support each other. There are three main lanes that need reinforcement turret protections to combine more monsters to give each team opportunity. Some names such as Evil God Caesar, Dark Dragon Kraydus, Bat Guardian, Giant Wizard, Giant athlete.

In the 5-player match mode, players can explore new strategies. It is broad enough to apply the gameplay mindset from basic to advanced. You can lose in the last minute of being overturned so high concentration is always needed.

Chaos fight

Where your ability is, it will be most clearly demonstrated here. This mode will automatically select a random hero, but you can change it if you want. The whole team goes together a single path on the bridge to attack the opponent.

The special feature of this game mode lies in itemizing and healing. You can’t gear up and heal while fighting so keep yourself good. Just waiting to be revived, are we now all interested in getting on power-ups. When we feel quite happy with our combo team, this is a much-loved mode.

Hunger Games

Dubbed as the dead land, there are 4 teams participating in this game mode. Each team consists of 2 members, you must get the highest score if you want to honour. It’s similar to a single match, but the only difference is that you still have a teammate with you. So choosing a good character helps to support each other well when fighting with high efficiency.

Football mode

Are you a sports lover? If you want to work with your hands and feet a bit, this is a fun and dynamic game mode. Open only on 4, 2, 6 and Sunday. The character’s skills have the effect of controlling, transmitting, scoring. Start the match, score like a real football player in a team of 3.

The transformation warfare

All 5 players only play 1 general, turning into King Kong when eligible. The fair fight in terms of ability will be evident in this game mode.


As mentioned before, the tournament mode is the most concerned. The winning team will be relegated and relegated when it loses to the opponent. The rankings are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master. There are currently two types of combat: Quintessential and great Clan battle.

Arena of Valor mod android


It is the name of the point in the tournament when enough quintessence the player will gain 1 star. The sufficient number of stars in the current rank will increase to next rank. If the game loses, you will be deducted from this score.

Clan great war

For those who have joined the clan. Prior registration is required, achievements will apply to members who join.

The game mode for beginners

Fight against the machine

It is exactly like normal mode, has 3 levels of beginner, easy and difficult. Suitable for players to practice and apply good skills before playing for real.


This mode allows you to choose your hero and customize your opponent as well. When playing, you soon understand the skills to facilitate application in the future gameplay.

Arena of Valor mod download

Game Arena of Valor & crisis system

In addition to the game mode, Arena of Valor is also known for its rich character and equipment apparatus. There are no secret-style instructions when choosing to have a secret technique tossed on opponents. By practical experience, you combine them to have your own weapons created.

Diverse character

Divided into positions such as Gunner, Gladiator, Mage, Gladiator and Strike. In each character type, there are many other names and are continuing to add new. Take advantage of your strengths and weaknesses to create more efficiency than your opponent.

Equip, rich items

There are many things to tell while it comes to this topic like Jade, Costumes, Chests, …

Gems help your character dominate the early stages of the battle, depending on the type of Champion you set up the appropriate gem board. The costume changes a more beautiful and unique form, not everyone can own it. Collect items with the highest level to enhance the strength and appearance of the hero.

Download Arena of Valor & Update new features

Garena regularly changes to bring events, sometimes even new game modes. Please pay attention to the version you are using for a good experience not to miss anything. Download game Arena of Valor to expand your influence, reinforce your skills and influence in the team immediately.

Download Arena of Valor MOD APK (Map Hack, 60 FPS Mode, Drone View) for Android

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