Metal Empire MOD APK 1.5.4 (Free upgrade)

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NameMetal Empire APK
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Metal is a rare commodity that you can come to Metal Empire to make full use of. To exploit them requires a perfect system to do this. Use the money you earn from there to boost your other money-generating activities. Make your business a leader in the market. No one can easily surpass your sales with hard work and patience. Your intelligence will be what leads the whole company to walk steadily. Earn money to create a better life in all respects.

The activities of life are always portrayed realistically through the idle play genre. It simulates exactly what we need to do to get the income. You will find with Metal Empire a specific process to achieve great success. The images are created in an overview and detailed to see clearly. Although not too excellent, it still asserts its charm. The gameplay is varied to produce many unique development directions. The joy of having money will lead you to more significant thoughts.

Metal Empire mod

Download Metal Empire mod – Build a metal mining empire

Empty metal mines will be a great bargain for you in a positive direction. First, recruit miners to work to dig up the metal ores. Then use specialized vehicles to bring them to the finished product processing place. Then, you will have to set up a large-scale production line to process the best metal ore. The resulting products will be the finished materials used in the construction. That’s when the money is paid to you based on the products. So it is straightforward for us to accumulate and expand more and more parts. Don’t miss the great investment opportunities brought to you every day.

Construction of chains

The production line is the key to making your product finished from raw ore. The more lines you have, the faster you can complete the effect. It is possible to sell more per second and get as much profit as possible. But when you’ve got more necklaces, you also have to think about upgrading. The following levels will allow you to create products of higher value. Strong steel bars help to build sturdy houses. Pieces of the puzzle used for high-end technologies we have never seen. Lots of great stuff you can grow to sell.

Metal Empire mod free

Upgrading the plots

Your business can even renovate the land it exploits to become more fertile. After remodeling, the things you harvest will have a higher value. Moreover, sometimes we can find valuable items in it. For example, the materials that can be mined can be gold, silver, and even diamonds, not iron. Rarely mined elements can also help you earn extra money. Miners don’t need to work so hard to find resources anymore. Expand your horizons to improve the quality of your metal collection. It is possible to beat other businesses excellently.

Metal Empire mod apk

Hire managers

Good managers are needed for your work to go on securely and continuously. Depending on their capabilities, they can help you boost the productivity of a particular department. Having a talented, diverse management team will be the best condition for the business. After signing a contract, you can upgrade them to enhance their work efficiency. Quickly enrich your business with the best potential of Metal Empire mod.

Download Metal Empire MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android

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