Talking Puppy MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.79

Updated 17/09/2023 (2 months ago)
NameTalking Puppy APK
PublisherTalking Baby
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Talking Puppy

Everyone knows that players will interact with their games. Mainly using the mouse and keyboard on the computer. Or fingers on smartphones. But with the advent of interactive voice games like Talking Puppy. The game market has welcomed a whole new trend. Not only that but also produced a game genre that is interactive by voice. So today I will introduce you to a voice-controlled game. It is also possible to interact with characters with extremely interesting and funny activities.

Talking Puppy has a bit more new mechanics than normal pet games. That’s right, you will raise a puppy from birth to adulthood. You will let your dog perform the daily activities in life. From playing, eating, bathing, and sleeping. Even more special is that your dog can imitate your voice. By speaking into your smartphone’s speaker, it will hear and narrate exactly what you say in a more distorted and humorous voice. Besides, Matchmaker: Puzzles and Stories, Monster Farm will let you discover another interesting interactive gameplay.

Talking Puppy mod apk free

Download Talking Puppy mod – Chat with cute puppies

You get a strange box. And when you open it, all of a sudden, an acute puppy appears right in front of you. Now what to do with this puppy. Looks like raising it isn’t such a bad idea. Alright, so let’s start the journey of raising this adorable puppy. Your dog will have a separate level bar. Activities such as eating, bathing, and playing with it will give corresponding experiences. And when it reaches different milestones, it’s going to be a little bigger showing maturity. It’s fun and interesting, isn’t it?

Depending on the current dog’s condition, you will have to do everything to make it happy. If it is feeling sad go to the toilet. Immediately take to the toilet to deal with sadness. If it feels sad, manipulate its body, or play interesting mini-games to relieve that sadness. When your dog is sleepy, you won’t be able to perform certain activities. Then put it to bed, and give yourself some time to rest after playing the game.

Talking Puppy mod free

Refurbishment for the interior of the house

The space in your home is also a place where your dog lives and plays. In addition to the normal furniture owned when first entering the game. Any part can be changed in different rooms. Of course, it takes money to unlock them. Depending on the level to unlock different sets of furniture in the whole house. Change your TV, fridge, bed or even toilet into something new and nicer. If you do not like the set, you can completely mix many types together. Create your own way to create a unique home. The pup will jump with delight as you redecorate everywhere.

Talking Puppy mod apk

Unique items and looks

From the food in the supermarket, the potions help improve performance and mood. Up to many unique and novel dog looks. All you can change to your liking. Please replenish the food in the kitchen if you lack it. Otherwise, the dog will be hungry and not want to play. Or if you don’t have time then buy potions for it. When drinking, all states will be pushed to the highest level. Most especially the new look of your pet. Like changing skin color, species, and the most special funny motifs.

Talking Puppy mod

Do interesting work

More special than other virtual pet games. Talking Puppy also lets you do many different activities outside the city. With the main character, of course, your dog. You can let it become a firefighter. Take control of a fire truck and go on a real firefighting mission. More details are that you are made to drive with buttons to move, brake, and accelerate. Sometimes your dog will be an employee of a famous circus. Or a diligent office worker with an extremely hard-working style. These jobs will reward you with a large amount of money so that you are free to do whatever you like.

Talking Puppy mod mod

Enjoy every moment of relaxation and fun with your dog. Even during short breaks, you can totally pick up your smartphone. Play lots of fun games with your dog. Perform tasks in a fun and light way. Or simply build and redecorate the rooms in the beautiful house. What you can do in Talking Puppy mod is endless. So that you can comfortably stick with the game for a long time.

How to Download & Install Talking Puppy MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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