Ice Scream 2 MOD APK (Menu/Immortal, unlocked hints) 1.1.9

Updated 12/02/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameIce Scream 2 APK
PublisherKeplerians Horror Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Immortal, unlocked hints
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Ice Scream 2

Watch out for the ice cream truck because there’s a terrifying force in there. Perhaps you do not quite understand this saying, so perhaps you do not know Ice Scream 2 already. If you are smart, you will probably guess that this is a horror game. Then you guessed it right, there are even more mysteries. Not only that, this is a journey to rescue your neighbor friend. Can you give freedom to the most trusted person? We don’t even know what the killer is aiming for.

Bold with stealth action elements, which is indispensable for a horror game. Ice Scream 2 spreads fear after your every move. It seemed that it could be discovered and killed at any time. Choose to either stand by and watch to die or not give in to save your friend. And if you do not understand what is going on, we should dig deeper to understand this rather obscure game. Prepare yourself for some scary scares.

Ice Scream 2

Download Ice Scream 2 mod – Rescue your friend from the evil ice-cream seller

The story begins when a strange ice cream truck arrives in the town where you live. Everyone around said that the ice-cream seller’s name was Rod. According to the description, he is very friendly with everyone, especially with children. But we will see many strange actions from this guy. For example, he put the kids in his car. After that, they did not return and did not cause any suspicion in the people around them. Probably unless you know the truth of the matter, from there, your quest to learn about this mysterious car begins.

They are also pushed to the climax when Lis – your close neighbor, is kidnapped. You know for sure it was the ice-cream seller Rod. He used his strange superpowers to freeze Lis and take him away. You need to understand the problem you are having. Make a plan to rescue Lis and the other unfortunate children. The story in Ice Scream 2 has many different endings. Choosing the right plot and ending depends on your actions.

Ice Scream 2 mod free

Track down the killer’s location

You will have to track the ice cream truck at any designated location. When it stops at a place, stealthily discover where it is. There are many reasons why Rod brought the kids here. It could be a horrifying experiment or a massacre that took the lives of many innocent children. Move gently to keep a safe distance. Rod can feel your footsteps. Try to find Lis and the other children alive, but that is if you are not detected and destroyed.

Ice Scream 2 mod apk

Go to different episodes and endings

It also depends on your actions and decisions. Just a small change in the plot can lead to multiple storylines happening. Surely you won’t expect your plan to fail just because you put the wrong things. Careful in each move is the right way of thinking. Coming to a good end or not is entirely up to your actions. And if the worst happens, maybe all annihilated, you can try again next time without making a mistake. Decide every move slowly, but also fast enough that the killer can’t detect you.

Puzzles, challenges and modes

Along with the sneaky element mentioned above, interesting intellectual puzzles are indispensable. It would help if you combined the objects in the area so that they can work properly. Ice Scream 2 also has many different game modes depending on how you play. Rescue Lis and the other kids in different special levels. From basic mode, peaceful mode without gore, to various difficulty levels. Play modes depending on how familiar your hand is. You won’t want to have to start a tough level without much experience.

Ice Scream 2 mod

Since it is the second part of the series, Ice Scream 2 will certainly have many more interesting improvements and changes than the first part. The rest depends on your needs and tastes. Anyway, if you haven’t played through part 1 yet, give it a try. And if you are a person who does not care about connection, experience it comfortably to bring the scariest feeling. Let’s find out the mystery behind the plan of the mad killer in Ice Scream 2 mod.

How to Download & Install Ice Scream 2 MOD APK (Menu/Immortal, unlocked hints) for Android


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