Who is? 2 Brain Puzzle & Chats MOD APK 1.1.10 (Unlimited BULB)

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NameWho is? 2 Brain Puzzle & Chats APK
PublisherUnico Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited BULB
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Try your hand at solving fun brain teasers with the characters in Who is? 2 Brain Puzzle & Chats. The game simulates each story, and you need to chat to find the answer from the other surface. The characters will not answer honestly but may be shady to hide their actions. In these situations, you will be the detective, finding out the crafty things that are well hidden. Secrets exist in the loopholes of every conversation, and the key is observance. You will discover the clues, and how they communicate will reveal the secret. Find them in the intricate dialogues between the characters, and you will be surprised by the mysteries.

You will try to communicate skillfully in the game so that the story helps you solve the puzzle. Stories need to be guided by your will, and you must find the answers. The mysteries behind each correct answer become much more difficult. The factors that help you to solve the puzzle will be more, and they will create confusion. Puzzles in the game seem easy, but behind there are hundreds of mysteries in the story. How they talk to each other can hide many things and reveal many things to you. So, is someone who looks safe and babbles the criminal you’re looking for? Answer that question yourself with evidence from the conversation.

Who is 2 Brain Puzzle Chats mod apk

Download Who is? 2 Brain Puzzle & Chats mod – Find the mystery behind the conversations

Simulated conversations in the game are waiting for you to uncover the mysteries behind them. The conversation seems fun, but it is mysteriously full of helpful information for you. The connections between the data that are the basis for being secreted at the levels are answered from easy to complex. The stories of complexity to puzzle characters in the chat will be controlled by you. Focusing on finding the data will make things more complicated and the answers more challenging to solve. So let’s string together the information and find out what is hidden in the statement. Choose how the characters dialogue and ignore the complexity behind it to find the answer.

Who is 2 Brain Puzzle Chats android

Secret revealer

Join the conversation of hundreds of characters with different stories. Each character’s personality determines how they communicate with each other and answer questions. You’re the one who interrupts those conversations, and they’ll be careful about your presence. The person who learns the secrets is you, so communicate privately with them with questions. Characters can tell you secrets with answers or hints. Communicate with them carefully as they will reject you just for the sake of inadvertently. How you talk to them will determine the information you get. Gather information as clues to prove that they have secrets and expose them.

Who is 2 Brain Puzzle Chats apk

The mystery behind the conversations

At each level, you can interact with different characters from the chat. You can choose who will talk to you privately from which you can extract information. Ask questions and capture the story from how they respond to you to gather evidence. But beware of the possibility that the character hides a secret in their answers. With your talent, find out what they are hiding, which will be evidence against them. But not everyone is so scheming because maybe they are friendly people. Some people will want to tease you in the answer, but not everyone will.

Who is 2 Brain Puzzle Chats free

The reward for a detective

Bypassing the game milestones and developing your memory will be the biggest reward. You will see them most clearly when you have to memorize every detail in the puzzle to find the difference. You will test your understanding with quizzes on more information and memory too. You will give tips for each level, and you need to memorize them to pass. Take turns uncovering clues in hundreds of puzzles to train your brain. You can also significantly improve your logic skills from the information in the chat. Experiences from puzzles with choices will bring the most rewarding.

Who is 2 Brain Puzzle Chats mod

Start trivia quizzes and overcome challenges in character chat. You will learn new previously discovered content and unknown knowledge. The different levels also indicate the difficulty of finding the answer for each person. Character conversations will have all the information you need to uncover the mystery. You need to collect them and connect your ideas to find the answer. Whether or not the secrets are known to everyone is the result of your decision. Download Who is? 2 Brain Puzzle & Chats mod to uncover the mysteries of everyone in the conversation.

Download Who is? 2 Brain Puzzle & Chats MOD APK (Unlimited BULB) for Android

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