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Merge Wars is an idle merge game; that’s why it has minimalist gameplay. In this game, the main operation that the player needs to do is tap to make a decision. In a battle stage, at the top is a massive monster with an immeasurable amount of health. Below is the player’s strategic area; there are locations for you to summon characters. You will use gold to call out a lot of generals, pairing two characters of the same type together. From there creates a new character; of course, that warrior has a more significant amount of damage. This operation goes on and on, continuously creating stronger champions. The next level will come when the monster is destroyed.

Ultimately, this is a fighting game, but it is fun. Fighting games on the market today are often perceived as having complicated gameplay. Players will need to learn and familiarize themselves with the combat mechanics of each of those titles. Here is how to move the character, use weapons, moves remember the skills of monsters. It will be a short journey to get acquainted and win the game. This is a unique attraction of the fighting game series but only suitable for certain groups of people. Players who need light entertainment need a more direct combat experience. Merge Wars is that fair fighting game.

Merge Wars mod

Download Merge Wars mod – Light combat experience

The world of Merge Wars, it’s a land made for adventure. People who come here want to discover the whole mystery of this land. In the ancient sesame areas, snowy mountains, or volcanic regions, there are giant monsters. The residents don’t know how long they’ve been around, but they know monsters are dangerous. The peaceful life ceased to exist, replaced by the chaos caused by monsters. For a long time, the inhabitants were still waiting for a warrior who could rally everyone. One person who can unite all the tenacious warriors and defeat the monsters together. This is certainly not easy since there are many races of people, knights, mages, and dwarves. So do you have the courage to command such a large army? Believe in yourself because the people and warriors are always waiting for you.

Merge Wars android

Minimalist gameplay

For you, gaming is for the sake of having a gentle, smooth entertainment experience. Merge Wars is a game with light gameplay that you have been looking for all this time. This is a game that, although fighting, is not too difficult to get used to. To summarize, the game denial of Merge Wars only revolves around screen touches. Specifically, at the tutorial screen, you will be taken to the battlefield by an elderly mage. The screen is divided into two parts, above which is the colossal monster that needs to be defeated. The lower part is an important strategic area to summon powerful heroes. You need to touch the gold hero summon button to summon warriors. The same warriors can combine to create a new warrior of greater strength. When you are confident enough, you will drag those warriors to the monster’s place for them to fight.

Merge Wars apk

Many special warriors

In the land of Merge Wars, there are countless species from different regions. And you need to use your strategy to lead all those soldiers. Of course, this is not easy when in the game, you have 80 characters to summon. Those characters have different backgrounds and backgrounds, but they all want to defeat the monsters. You must understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of those types of characters. From here, it is possible to create tactics and optimal combinations to bring victory. You can gather warriors dressed in shiny armor and swords. Possibly archers, magicians, and influential staff.

Merge Wars mod apk

Giant bosses

Now let’s learn more about the villains in this fighting game. As said before, there are many lands in Merge Wars, each of which is invaded by giant monsters. The people of those lands were so disgruntled that they came together to form an alliance. With the green forest area, the monster to defeat was a giant with a spiked mace. He also has body armor and helmet armor, making his appearance even more ferocious. In the snowy mountains, that place is ruled by a giant gray wolf evil. As for the populated area, it was destroyed by a giant purple scorpion.

Merge Wars apk free

If you want a comfortable fighting game, Merge Wars is waiting for you to experience. This game has simplified combat gameplay and contains relaxation in it. Download the Merge Wars mod to summon many warriors, combine them and defeat all the giant monsters.

Download Merge Wars MOD APK (Menu, free purchase) for Android

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