Cut the Rope 2 GOLD MOD APK 1.37.0 (Unlimited energy)

Updated on 06/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameCut the Rope 2 GOLD APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited energy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The puzzles get harder and harder to make Cut the Rope 2 GOLD chaotic. Our friends are having a lot of trouble finding food. To help them get through this, they need intelligent and quick-witted people. You can beat hundreds of puzzles and become the strongest. Continually travel through exciting yet challenging dimensions. It can be a journey that makes you a whole new person. You can break through your skills to become a more helpful person to society.

The second and more advanced version of Cut the Rope 2 GOLD is out. It is a vast improvement from the developer for their super product. If you feel the previous levels are too easy, think again because this will be your biggest challenge. More brilliant puzzles with new friends will appear. You will accompany them in the battle to find their candy. It is not easy to solve riddles because it takes effort successfully. Only you can qualify to make them come true.

Cut the Rope 2 GOLD mod

Download Cut the Rope 2 GOLD mod – Search for the precious candy.

Our journey in this second part will not be alone. New alien friends will appear to help you. You will still have the task of cutting the ropes connected to the candy to fall in the right place for the main character. If it falls directly into your mouth, you win the game. Otherwise, if you lose, you will have to start over until you finish. Bright wire cutting will help you achieve your goals. We can also cut to the simplest to complete the request. Only then can you achieve a high rating thanks to the outstanding score. Collect all the items around because they are helpful to you.

Take advantage

The arrival of new friends not only enriches the story. It also plays a vital role in the design of the puzzles. With each level, you will see different friends present around. We can take advantage of the spring monster to make the item bounce. Put it exactly where you want it without making any mistakes. Some monsters can help you fly up very quickly. There are monsters again that can be stacked to help you reach the candy. Lots of creative puzzle methods can be used, bringing you a game with unlimited fun.

Cut the Rope 2 GOLD mod free

Brand new level

Cut the Rope 2 GOLD levels each feature a drastic improvement in gameplay. It can be said that it will be more complex than not, but it will bring breakthroughs. The most mentioned are the abilities of the monster above friends. Their capabilities are leveraged for tricky puzzles. The placement of the candy is also constantly changing, with new elements around it. It’s getting more complex, and the puzzle time needs to increase. It requires you to have specific thoughts before doing something. But the most important thing is the spirit of not giving up. Play again and again until you get a win.

Cut the Rope 2 GOLD mod apk

Discover new locations

Each chapter in the game represents a land you have just arrived at. The levels in the chapter will build on that theme. For example, everything will be all water if you are in an aquarium. In the arid desert, there will be sizeable golden dunes. The food dimension will be a big food world of Cut the Rope 2 GOLD mod.

Download Cut the Rope 2 GOLD MOD APK (Unlimited energy) for Android

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