Merge Farm! MOD APK 3.7.3 (Unlimited money)

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NameMerge Farm! APK
PublisherGram Games Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money [More]
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Farm management has long been put up in many exciting games. Everyone loves the cultivation of food crops, fruit trees. Make expensive food deals. Earn a lot of great profits. Upgrade your farm to a new level. For the game Merge Farm! too, you grow fresh produce. Trade for wealthy investors outside the city. This place is a paradise for you to do whatever you like. The most popular is cultivating, even growing in a unique and unusual way.

As mentioned above, the gameplay of Merge Farm! quite strange. If compared to other farm games. This game is designed in a double mechanism. In this novel way, players can harvest large blocks of agricultural products. Without having to work hard or wait day and night for the tree to grow and ripen quickly. But if it is so fast, then what is farm game anymore? However, another interesting point is that you still have a lot of trading work. Improving the garden, building the facilities needed to develop the most modern farm. If you want a logical puzzle, try Truth or Dare. Or you have a game similar to Crash Fever that easily convinces you with attractive gameplay.

Merge Farm free

Merge Farm mod version!

  • You will make a large amount of money during the game.

Download Merge Farm! mod – Farming in a new farm environment

Starting out is a small plot of land, in which you own 9 plots of land corresponding to 9 planting positions. Start planting the first rice plants. They will germinate and ripen very quickly. You just have to put 2 rice plants together to create a new variation. It costs more than a basic rice sentence. You continue to combine 2 such improved trees. Up to a certain extent when you get a rare plant that reaches the limit. Remember, it’s only limited to that point. There will be even more great limitations in the future. Sell ​​it to earn a decent amount of money.

Having a lot of money is a good sign of doing business. You should expand to add new soil cells outside the first 9 cell range. That way, it is possible to plant more trees and combine them faster. Then there are many new plants to choose from. Their prices are also not too expensive, so do not hesitate to buy in bulk. Because the trees you consider to be expensive, after fully hatching, they can sell for a very high price. Very reasonable for the business, and also in the future.

Merge Farm mod

Factory and farm construction

Growing a variety of fruit trees is just the beginning of your farm. When you have made a lot of money through continuous tree planting. And has quite expanded the garden. You can purchase rice factories for yourself. Helping the production and incorporation of rice plants is completely automatic and you do not need to work on it. Cow farms and dairy factories will help the economy go up. Producing cow’s milk products at a much higher price than fruit trees. It is the result when you have accumulated the necessary capital. Expand your farm with interesting production types.

Merge Farm mod apk

Transactions with investors

A modern farm and rich in commodities is an important partner for many foods and food investors. They will come and ask you to deliver the items at an attractive price. When you get rich and have a big farm. Investors will show up, giving you time to prepare items. Then send it to them and receive the corresponding profit. After you have money, you buy the products back to production, then transfer them to other business partners. A repetitive cycle will cause your account to keep growing. Your reputation will continue to grow.

Not just managing alone

What if, in addition to the cute investors, you also own close neighbors? Of course, the shortage problem of your item will not need to worry about anymore. The best part is finding a good friend to play Merge Farm with! you. Always provide food when you run out of money. Help them back in the future as a gentle way of repaying them. You can even invite your friends to play with you. They all manage their own farm. Provide food support and make huge deals. Isn’t that always more fun.

Merge Farm mod free

Even the most demanding people will feel very relaxed when playing Merge Farm! This game with cute interface and bright graphics. Anyone can cultivate, raise and transact with multiple investors. Just with a few simple steps. You already own a modern property, providing everything a farmer needs. That is the most interesting thing this game brings. So if you haven’t tried it once. This is your chance to download Merge Farm! mod.

Download Merge Farm! MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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