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Family Hotel is a game that gives you the skills to manage and build your hotel into a famous brand. Not starting with vacant land with available potential or advantages. From a dusty old country manor, players will help Emily and Max fulfill their dreams. Make use of items that are still usable, replacing all that you can do. Transform this place into a hotel that serves many guests and generates income. Family Hotel is not a place for you to fold your arms and just run your business. You need to do the smallest things to build a hotel like dismantling and replacing signs.

A place that has deteriorated, but not to be discarded. It’s still resilient, Emily and Max have realized this. They shook hands together to perform the first jobs. Players help them have a strategic strategy in this place. If you want to try another model like a villa tries Matchington Mansion. Or owning a drink shop that attracts customers in the Manor Cafe, it is all an interesting experience. Make all the beautiful ideas in your mind come true with a grand hotel. Makes people not aware that this is an old place before.

Family Hotel mod

Download Family Hotel mod – Build hotels from the rubble

Changing the ruined landscape of a manor that no one looks at to becoming a hotel full of customers is not easy. There are many things the player needs to do to help the 2 characters come up with a specific plan. First, you need to clean up ubiquitous rubble. They are all covered with a thick layer of dust which makes cleaning impossible. Family Hotel offers you a designer’s capabilities. A hotel with a classic or modern style set a role model for you and change this place. Unlimited scale, you can develop a hotel based on long term vision.

Family Hotel mod apk

Hotel design

In a hotel with many different rooms, at first, they all have something in common that is being covered with dirt. Looking at that scene, certainly, no one wants to work. But for the dream of a hotel to come true, you have to do it yourself. Family Hotel doesn’t have the option to hire staff or someone who will help you with the work you don’t want. Build your own idea and fulfill it by your own actions. Show the design of each room or let them look-alike in a layout. Of course, if the construction of the hotel is too simple, it won’t surprise your guests.

Family Hotel mod download

Get rid of old objects

Originally, this place has not been used for a long time. Everything seems to have deteriorated and is no longer as secure as before. Taking advantage of some old objects saves you some money, but you also need to replace some items that you cannot continue to use. Be customer-oriented and put yourself in that position, are you satisfied stepping into the hotel on an old rug? If you don’t want your hotel building to be damp, replace everything if possible. Family Hotel for the player is both a manager but also an employee doing all the work.

Minigame Match-3

Participate in a matching puzzle game of the same symbols to get items. You can use it to decorate the hotel and make this place more magical than ever. The hotel has been restored from the seemingly abandoned place but behind it there are many problems that need to be resolved. Family Hotel always gives players many options to create a luxury villa.

Family Hotel mod android

Family Hotel has hotel stories mixed in the game screen. You also need to perform quests to be able to complete some of the items in maintenance and development. Accompany the two characters’ amazing ideas and help them turn it into reality. Download the Family Hotel mod to let the hotel space with many sparkling devices make people forget that this used to be a place no one noticed.

Download Family Hotel MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android

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