Find 3D MOD APK (Auto Clear) 132.02

Updated 05/03/2024 (2 hours ago)
NameFind 3D APK
PublisherBoombox Games LTD
MOD FeaturesAuto Clear
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Find 3D

Find 3D MOD APK challenges the ability to find items to solve 3D puzzles in levels. You will have fun moments when you start the puzzle-solving process in the new world. That’s where you can find many items designed in 3D shapes. And you will feel they are the most realistic puzzles you have ever encountered. However, that also makes your puzzle journey challenging. They will be on each other, and you must shuffle the items to solve the puzzle successfully. Get ready for unexpected fun when participating in exciting puzzle missions.

New puzzle challenges have begun, and you can once again challenge yourself. And in the new world, you can participate in many challenging levels and missions. They will all bring you interesting feelings during your puzzle-solving process. But in addition to the goal of conquering puzzles, you also want to have a relaxing time. So you can take quizzes and enjoy them when you have free time. And when you achieve achievements, you can show off your puzzle-solving talent. Embark on puzzle missions and conquer puzzle levels in a whole new world.

Find 3D mod

Download Find 3D MOD APK – Conquer puzzles by searching for 3D items

You can train your brain in the puzzle world of 3D items. They are objects with different designs and will make you feel overwhelmed. Therefore, you must concentrate, eat and persevere over time to solve the puzzles. In addition, you can also interact with items to search for similar objects. An image will be displayed on the screen for you to reference and search. To find the necessary items, you need to rotate the objects so they are exposed. Then, put them in the comparison machine to finish your search and puzzle-solving process.

Find 3D apk

Challenging puzzles

In 3D puzzles, you will be exposed to interestingly designed objects. They can belong to fruits, toys and even animal parts. And they will be included in puzzle levels with different difficulties for you to explore. So, when you start the puzzle task, you can challenge your reasoning ability. By touching 3D objects, you can move them and find the needed item. After finding it, drag it into the puzzle machine and continue your puzzle-solving process. Experience puzzles designed in 3D style at Find 3D MOD APK.

Find 3D mod apk

Interesting missions

You will participate in a 3D world where every item is designed in 3 dimensions. So you can come into contact with them by lifting, lowering or throwing them around. That’s also what you need to do to find items in the puzzles you participate in. However, it would be best to complete each level quickly because they have limited time. And you can use rockets to speed up your puzzle-solving ability if you encounter difficult levels. The shuffle function will help you reverse the position of items so you can easily find them. There are also interesting missions that you can complete to receive great rewards.

Find 3D free

Train your brain

The goal of joining the puzzle world is not just to show off your skills. And when you pass puzzle levels, you can prove your talent through achievements. However, the purpose of creating puzzles is to be a relaxation tool. In addition, they will also help you get through the boring times of the day. This is also a good opportunity to train your brain and logic when solving puzzles. So, when participating in levels, try to experience many challenging missions. Click and drag 3D items to complete puzzles and train your brain.

Find 3D android

You will encounter different challenges when joining the new world and solving puzzles. And those will be the best experiences you have at challenging levels. You can get used to 3D items when interacting with them in the initial levels. You can then pass those levels with the hints you get. However, to prove yourself, you must conquer the 3D puzzle world. So, in addition to conquering the puzzles, complete the interesting mission system. Download Find 3D MOD APK to find items to conquer puzzles with 3D design.

How to Download & Install Find 3D MOD APK (Auto Clear) for Android


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