Crash Fever MOD APK (Auto win, onehit, immortal)

Updated 01/09/2023 (3 months ago)
NameCrash Fever APK
PublisherWonderPlanet Inc.
MOD FeaturesAuto win, onehit, immortal
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Crash Fever MOD APK Information

  • V1 Menu
  1. One-hit.
  2. Low damage when you are attacked.
  3. Immortal.
  4. Auto wins in the exploit. (Not always active)
  • V2 Menu
  1. God mode
  2. Onehit

Introduce MOD APK Crash Fever

Do you want to experience an anime-style game with cute, powerful, and lovely characters? Try Crash Fever, an RPG game but take on this extremely interesting puzzle theme. With over 11 million downloads worldwide. Crash Fever will take you into the magical and colorful world of anime in each level of gameplay.

It can be said with anime-style graphics in general and RPG games in particular. Crash Fever has very unique features that can only be seen in this game. With 2D graphics combined with puzzles that are similar to the popular puzzle games. And also carries a certain storyline with the theme of fighting monsters and endless gacha. This will be a completely new experience for those who have never tried it.

Crash Fever mod

Download Crash Fever mod – When puzzle and fight combined into one

What you have to do in Crash Fever is extremely simple. Just tap the screen with all the actions in the game. Your task will be to click on the chains of gems together side by side and let them explode. Create a special flow of power to blow away the enemies that are blocking your footsteps. With a white background and futuristic details. Crash Fever gives you the feeling of flying into another world filled with endless machines and data.

You will join the journey to explore the virtual world with a group of warriors. Including strong guys and girls with extremely beautiful and sparkling shapes, you accidentally meet while moving along the plot. Each character possesses a special power needed to combine against hordes of evil monsters. Your job is to create beautiful chain reactions for the gems to explode. Bring back the power that can defeat monsters and terror bosses. There is also a Fever mode at the end of each screen for you to turn the game around and bring victory.

Crash Fever apk

Adventure with many eye-catching characters

During the world exploration, you will meet warriors. They were somehow transported into this world as well. You will let them join your team, go through the journeys and defeat the evil bosses. Go through the plot details and find out the truth behind the world of Crash Fever. Each character has a unique trait, personality, and strength that no one resembles anyone else. You will choose who can be ready for battles with monsters or bosses. By powering them up, creating comps where each other’s strengths are linked increases the odds of winning. It’s all due to your arrangement and calculations.

Crash Fever free

Collaborate with friends in matches

Mode to play with friends up to 4 players is more widely available. You will fight your teammates together. Combine beautiful combos and defeat monsters in the way. Having teammates means that you can attack continuously and create more new styles of play. Share experiences and great tips along the way. Learn the necessary lessons to master the strategies. Capture the weaknesses of the boss. Building a reasonable strategy with each teammate is essential for you to win. Invite your friends to try Crash Fever and together overcome the toughest challenges with teamwork.

Crash Fever mod free

Great graphics and music

As for the graphics and sound, the developer has done a very good job. When giving players the feeling of being immersed in a real virtual world. Beautifully designed models on 2D screen. Not only is it not fussy but gives it a very magical feeling. The character designs of the characters in the game are inspired by Japanese anime very well and perfect. Moreover, the music has been filled with drama on each screen. Composed in a vibrant pop music genre never seen before in puzzle games or RPG. All combined into one complete product in all aspects.

Crash Fever mod apk

All of the above factors have made Crash Fever a game loved and experienced by a lot of people. Especially a follower of the fantasy anime genre. Virtual worlds are very popular in today’s market. Definitely for those who love anime or puzzle games, RPG. Crash Fever will be a wonderful and unique adventure every moment you play. Download Crash Fever mod now and immerse yourself in a vibrant and dramatic virtual world.

How to Download & Install Crash Fever MOD APK (Auto win, onehit, immortal) for Android


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