Mergic: Merge & Magic MOD APK (Free Purchase) 1.64.43

Updated 23/05/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameMergic: Merge & Magic APK
MOD FeaturesFree Purchase
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Mergic: Merge & Magic

With the magic of witches, Magic: Merge & Magic will become your best home. This is not a lie because it was all arranged according to plan. Your business will be the place where all the best magic is present. Modulation is whatever the customer desires. So make a profit and start a road to riches. Despite all the difficulties ahead, you can overcome them. However, it will take a lot of patience and persistence. This is what everyone wants when doing business.

Merge them all, merge to infinity and grow even faster. This is everything a merge game wants to show you, like Magic: Merge & Magic. Create a magical backdrop with all things witch-related. Make something that only appears in fairy tales. Moreover, there are many creative ways to innovate everything you experience. Doing a good business can make you a lot of money. Always find something new from this simple yet challenging merger.

Mergic Merge Magic mod

Download Magic: Merge & Magic mod – Manage the witch pharmacy

You are a wizard who has successfully graduated from your course with unique recipes. Use this talent to earn a considerable source of income right away. But first, we need to buy a cheap house and refurbish everything. Then, you will merge to find tools that can repair different parts. When the house is completed, we will put the material cabinets next to it. Buy many useful crafting tools to enrich the shop. Please pick up the first customers and make potions according to their requirements. From humans, witches or mythical creatures are also served in the best way.

Dozens of items

With the advantage of being a merge game, there is undoubtedly a lot that you need to look for. A higher-level item will be created every time two similar things are combined. For example, the red potion will appear if you merge two blue potions. Merging two bags of gold coins will create a giant treasure chest. You will succeed in your mission if you find the required equipment for the level. Each item helps in the right situation. Shows the flexible improvisation of a witch. You will build a reputation with all your customers. That creates an exciting way to make money.

Mergic Merge Magic mod free

Dialogues and quests

We will have a lot of different dialogues between the characters. That is also the premise for the following quests that you will receive. For example, when a customer asks you to make a potion to help them revive their tree. You can accept the request and ask for their wishes. Then you will need to search for ingredients that match the recipe to get the best results. Finally, give the product back to the customer and receive the money. Situations can be continuous and connected. Make the witch’s life so rich that it is no different from ordinary life. Be as honest and reasonable as possible.

Mergic Merge Magic mod apk

Renovating the mansion

Your mansion is a pharmacy and a place to rest in your spare time. So how to make it so solemn and extraordinary is what everyone wants. Once you own a lot of assets, you can proceed to buy expensive furniture. Buy gorgeous decorations and improve the overall space. You will have a mansion no different from the nobles in Magic: Merge & Magic mod.

How to Download & Install Mergic: Merge & Magic MOD APK (Free Purchase) for Android


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