Merge Duck 2 MOD APK 1.17.1 (Menu, God mode/Defense/Damage)

Updated on 18/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMerge Duck 2 APK
PublisherOneMore Game Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Defense/Damage
SupportAndroid 4.2+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Menu
2. Def x1-x100
3. Enemy Def reduce x1-x10
4. One Hit Kill + God mode

Ducks are warriors in Merge Duck 2, not ordinary animals as you might think. They can ultimately become super-soldiers, no less than us humans. Indeed the potential of these creatures will help you win an easy victory. Confront dozens of extraordinarily dark and terrifying opposing enemies. But they can’t make us afraid no matter what they do. Their end will only be buried under oblivion because of arrogance. What you strive for will affect your future.

After the success of ducks in the first part, one more Game Studio decided to develop the second part. Now the super warriors are back with Merge Duck 2, and it’s worse than before. You will see a significant upgrade in the visuals and customization of the game. To challenge yourself with things that are many times more difficult than you have ever played before. Strategy still needs to be guaranteed to be able to receive victory. Instead, play and think independently to make better choices for your next moves.

Merge Duck 2 mod

Download Merge Duck 2 mod – Merge and form super duck soldiers

Our world is divided into two opposites, light and dark. Your faction will represent the light, and the rest will be the arch-enemy. To defeat them, you must recruit ducks with great potential. Use your gold to buy ingredients and merge them all. Each time they are connected, the duck warriors are increased to a whole new level. Help strengthen and easily defeat your opponents quickly. But be aware that the later you go, the harder it will be to perform the upgrade. That’s why we need to work hard to achieve success.

Raise your ducks

The number of duck warriors created by Merge Duck 2 has reached more than 80 different types. Each individual possesses an outstanding superhuman hidden strength. The more you upgrade, the more you see that they have exceptional advantages. All are identical to the heroes we often see in the movies. More surprisingly, they also possess skills that can assist you in combat. Gain more advantage each time the enemy has overpowered you. Each merge, a new hero, will be created and added to your collection. From there, bring constant growth to your mighty army.

Merge Duck 2 mod free

Explore the island

In addition to regular combat, you can also explore the dungeons located deep on the island. These dungeons give us a lot of bonuses to use. You will have to fight random opponents with increasing levels until the end. You even have to face the black dragon lord to get the treasure you need. The weapons that you get from the dungeon will significantly aid in strengthening later. Thanks to that, you can go further in your normal levels. There are many challenges and mysteries of the island that you have not been able to discover. So go gradually to get the best and most effective directions.

Merge Duck 2 mod apk

Increase production capacity

In addition to participating in the battle, our ducks will need to practice. Practice will also help you to harvest gold without having to play continuously. Even after leaving the game, you will still receive gold regularly. To enhance your practice, you will have to upgrade your equipment, speeding up duck warriors’ learning progress in the Merge Duck 2 mod.

Download Merge Duck 2 MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Defense/Damage) for Android

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