Trap and Guardians MOD APK (Menu/Attack Multiplier/God Mode/No Skill CD) 0.9.20

Updated on 18/03/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameTrap and Guardians APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Attack Multiplier/God Mode/No Skill CD
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Team up with your defence team to set traps to destroy enemies in Trap and Guardians. You will become the holder of the defensive tower system that protects the land from attack. They have chosen to be your enemies when they gather and enter the human world. And the appearance of attacking enemies makes your world quickly fall. So you need to lead your hero and fight on the defensive battlefield. On that battlefield, you can arrange towers to serve the goal of protecting the world. Courageously face invading enemies and use your defences to repel them.

Towers have been erected on the defensive battlefield so that you can protect yourself. But your goal isn’t just to keep yourself safe from the world’s enemies. They are a lot of different armies that flood your world through the gap in space. However, you showed up in time to guard this vulnerability and will be determined to stop them. So it would be best to use your abilities with heroes to control battle towers. Their combined power will create a system that protects the human world from enemies. Accompany the tower defence heroes and hold the battle tower in the arena.

Trap and Guardians android

Download Trap and Guardians mod – Resist invasion with a defence system

You will experience a defensive battlefield with a combination of towers and heroes. In this arena, you can build towers to attack invading enemies. And the heroes will be brave men fighting the enemies below the tower. The combination of defensive buildings and heroes will create efficiency in battle. You can build and upgrade towers, but heroes need drivers. So you will guide the heroes to combine with the tower to attack the enemy. Resist the invaders with your hero’s defences and buildings.

Trap and Guardians apk

Defence hero

In addition to the towers you control on the defensive battlefield, you will accompany the heroes. They are brave people who stand up to stop the gap in the world where the enemy enters to invade. Those heroes can also control weapons to defend the same tower. However, they desperately need a companion in defence, and you have been chosen. And in accompanying the defensive hero, you will be able to use their attack skills. Your task is to find opportunities to use attacks to knock down enemies. So it would be best to focus on the defensive battle and launch attacks to support them.

Trap and Guardians mod apk

Defensive pitfalls

In addition to the defending heroes, you can install additional protection works. They are full towers capable of destroying any invaders. However, if the enemy appears too crowded, the building will be overloaded and cannot attack continuously. So it would be best to create defensive traps to prevent invaders from entering. Traps will be placed next to the towers and can take down many enemies in combat. However, you must set the traps carefully, so your heroes do not get trapped. Install traps inside the defensive arena to deter world invaders.

Trap and Guardians mod

Defensive strength challenge

You have acquired a defensive organization considered the strongest in the defensive arena. It is an army of solid defensive heroes, and they are ready to stop the enemy. You can also place towers and traps inside the stadium to prevent invasion. But if all else fails, your defence will be meaningless. So it would be best to face many challenges before the invaders express themselves. Your ability to defend through battles in the arena will show your talent. Enjoy defensive actions inside the stadium with your built defence organization.

Trap and Guardians free

The invading enemy of humanity has entered the world with wicked weapons. They find a hole connecting their world and the world of humans. So they have organized an invasion of your world with a most heinous plan. But you have led them into a defensive battlefield for the whole world’s life. This will be where you and your heroes organize the world’s defence. You will join them in setting up defensive traps and placing them inside the battlefield to destroy the enemy. Download Trap and Guardians mods to join the world’s defence heroes to show their strength.

Download Trap and Guardians MOD APK (Menu/Attack Multiplier/God Mode/No Skill CD) for Android

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