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Updated 04/11/2021 (3 years ago)
NameIsland Defense APK
PublisherSkizze Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, chips
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Island Defense

Surely the games have the mechanism of arraying with fortresses. Using the power to destroy moving enemies is no longer strange to some gamers. Then we will return to the past with Island Defense. A matchmaking game that carries many elements of past titles. More specifically, it also has a lot of details that make you feel extremely nostalgic like the legendary Kingdom Rush and other staging games. Although it is not plagiarism, it is very similar and vice versa very attractive.

Island Defense is a battle of the army against the enemies who are evil invading terrorists. To be able to complete the task thoroughly. Without allowing anyone to enter the base. You must use your tactics to command the fortresses to attack the enemy. Bring resources and the most glorious victory for your army. At the same time, level all the enemies in the different lands in the most absolute way.

Island Defense mod

Download Island Defense mod – Use tactics to win convincingly

Accompany your army from infantry, snipers, long-range gunners, rocket launchers, icicles… Depending on the level of play, you will own defense towers depending on the level. you have achieved. There are many different powers for you to deploy according to your tactics. Your opponents are also terrorists. They will try to break into your army base along a certain path on the map. Your task is to build defensive towers on the edge of those roads. To attack and destroy enemies as they pass through the fortress.

When the enemy is destroyed you will receive a certain amount of gold. Use them for two purposes only: building and upgrading fortresses. However, in the first levels, you only own the first level of the fortress. Make your way through as many story levels as possible to unlock more of their new upgrades. Also, use a lot of clever tactics when the level of the fortress can not withstand the strength of the enemy. But that’s just what you think.

Island Defense mod apk

Fight anywhere in the world

From tropical islands, arid deserts to deep valleys. All appeared the shadow and trouble brought by the terrorists. A military force could not ignore such a precarious situation. So you have to pass the levels perfectly and convincingly. Cross different lands in Island Defense. Each terrain and land will have a lot of different small levels. And the game screen that determines whether you can complete the task in that land is not sure to have the appearance of a giant boss. Prepare yourself to fight at any time in the most difficult levels.

Island Defense mod mod

Breakthrough the power of units

The defense tower system of military forces is deployed in any form. Sometimes there is only one commando with a gun, but there will be times when there are two and three warriors in the same building. That clearly affects the strength and speed of destroying enemies of buildings. It depends on the upgrades you get when you pass the key levels. Upgrading them in matches will cost a certain amount of gold. But to achieve the great effect of killing the enemy is completely worth it.

Island Defense mod free

Prevent the enemy’s constant invasion

Each wave in the levels is that the enemy legions will start moving from the announced position. They are programmed to move continuously until they reach your base. If there is no stop and attack by our fortresses, they will continuously attack the base and you will lose. There is not just one type of terrorist. They also possess a lot of modern forces and machines. You must update their characteristics and strength to deal with them most effectively.

Island Defense mod apk free

Because the arrayed games are too familiar to gamers. So you can easily grasp the bowl and get used to Island Defense if you’ve played many arrayed games before. Show intelligence in strategy and how to build the location of fortresses. The most important thing is to use the terrain and special abilities. Creating the highlights is simple but brings the most grandiose victory. Download Island Defense mod to join the army to defeat the evil terrorist.

How to Download & Install Island Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money, chips) for Android


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