Brick Pang MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.29

Updated 17/07/2024 (3 days ago)
NameBrick Pang APK
PublisherTunup Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Brick Pang

Brick Pang is a classic game that uses balls to break bricks. All worries, stress, and pressure after a day will definitely be blown away when you experience it. The balls bounce back and forth, collide, and break the colorful bricks that look real. This feeling of relaxation is hard to get if you play fighting, killing, and bloody games. Here, we will have two main parts taken from the game name, Brick and Pang. With the Brick game, players do not need to worry about the number of balls; there will be a lot of balls to break bricks. As for the Pang game, gamers only have one ball, but the difficulty level will be very suitable. Please choose the correct angle, and complete the mission.

Today you get bad grades, and your work is not favorable; let’s play Brick Pang. This relaxing game will release the discomfort, stress, and pressure in your head. The player’s task is straightforward, set the flying angle of the ball to break the bricks. Of course, not all bricks need to be destroyed; break the required bricks. When the bricks of the quest are broken, the rest will automatically disappear according to the sorrow. After each aim, if the required number of bricks has not been damaged, they will be closer to the limit line. Make sure you conquer the challenge before the bricks reach your line. Play Brick Pang to break bricks, and blow away the tension.

Brick Pang apk free

Download Brick Pang mod – Stress disappears with bricks

At present, brick-breaking games with simple gameplay have become highly familiar. Brick Pang brings in the attractive elements inherited from the senior, along with improvements. The player’s task is to align the angle and orient the flight of his balls to break bricks. There will be bricks that are required in the quest and need the player to break as soon as possible. After each ball shot, the blocks will gradually move downwards closer to the warning line. When passing the mission, the player will receive stars to be able to collect many diamonds. And, of course, diamonds are invariably the extremely premium currency in all games. The number of levels of Brick Pang’s level is unimaginable. Players will choose to play the Brick or Pang parts, which have an unique appeal. In addition, power-ups are also created with many types, increasing the number of balls, increasing the size, and so on.

Brick Pang android

Simple gameplay

Players can definitely grasp how to play Brick Pang from the initial levels. Gamers only need one finger to adjust and align the ball’s angle without breaking many bricks. As mentioned earlier, gamers can choose to play the Brick or Pang part depending on their preferences. With the Brick part, the player will have at least 60 balls at the beginning of each level. Each game screen will have extra ballpoints to help complete the game screen faster. Go to the Pang game, here; gamers have differences to note before playing. You only have one ball; set the angle so the ball breaks the necessary bricks. Of course, don’t worry about the number of balls, because the task’s difficulty will be highly suitable.

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Huge number of levels

With a brick-breaking game, there is a way to play that cannot be easier; it requires a large amount of screen. Game makers also understand that they have done their job excellently. Now let’s do a little calculation, each Brick or Pang game will have 2997 levels. A quick calculation, we have nearly 6000 levels to complete. A number that can prove the richness of the game screen that the game maker brings. Each level is a different way of arranging bricks and comes with a beautiful separate mission. In the early stages, players only need to collect the number of blocks in the brick that are not too large. When you reach levels 99 and 100, the task will be more complex, and you have to break more bricks.

Brick Pang apk

Attractive Power-ups

To help players overcome obstacles, the game offers power-ups with distinct powers. Specifically, players can use four different types of power-ups that are especially attractive. First, to break more bricks, the player will need more balls; choose a power-up to increase the number of balls. Next, gamers can choose a power-up that enhances the flight speed of the entire ball. One of the most effective forms of power-ups is the one that increases the size of the ball. This helps when the ball bounces; it can contact many bricks simultaneously. Finally, the power-up allows the aiming lines to be longer and longer. Players will more easily guess the path of the ball with this power-up.

Brick Pang mod

If you have too much stress in your body that needs to be removed, come to Brick Pang immediately. You will have many balls to destroy the bricks in the way. The number of levels to play, up to thousands, is also the attractive point of this game. Download Brick Pang mod to accurately align the shooting angle of the balls and blow away stress with bricks.

How to Download & Install Brick Pang MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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