Unwanted Experiment MOD APK (Unlimited hints) 1.1.12

Updated 04/05/2024 (1 month ago)
NameUnwanted Experiment APK
PublisherDark Dome
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hints
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Unwanted Experiment

Unwanted Experiment builds a story full of drama and mystery. The plot revolves around the strange scientist and the bad guy who got lost in the laboratory. When participating in this game, you will transform into a victim and start the rescue for yourself. Then, when you get lost in someone’s trap, how easy is it to get out quickly? But if you are intelligent and responsive, anything is possible. The feeling of being kidnapped into a secluded place without anyone makes you scared. And the messy lab space and many monstrous shapes make you anxious and want to get out as soon as possible. With your courage, let’s overcome the challenge with Unwanted Experiment.

But what if you can’t get out of that lab? As a result, you will become the next victim of the crazy inventions of scientists. Previously, in the Hidden Town village, a strange scientist settled down. He did not talk or communicate with anyone in this village. Instead, he built a laboratory away from the population to avoid nuisances. Many times the villagers had seen monsters in that laboratory. And Erik Dorian, who was in the village, was curious and decided to go there to verify the rumor. But unfortunately, he was discovered and became a victim of that scientist. So your rescue has officially begun!

Unwanted Experiment mod

Download Unwanted Experiment mod – Rescue yourself from the crazy invention

The feeling when I opened my eyes to know I was lost in a strange place and tied up was terrible. And so is the young Erik Dorin, overwhelmed and trying to find a way to return home. He needs your help quickly solving the puzzles in the game to get him out safely. The player’s task is to find the necessary items and encode the mystery from the Unwanted Experiment. You need to find enough objects for 14 empty slots, but some of the things you see are only supportive. Those products are the keys to opening secret boxes to get the right items. Collect enough items before the scientist discovers you succeed.

Unwanted Experiment apk

Coding Riddles

Unwanted Experiments will bring people challenging but very interesting questions. If you are confident with your intelligence, you will certainly do it. More complex, you will decipher pictures and find recipes to turn on circuit breakers for tasks that need light or secret boxes containing virtual objects. When solving puzzles, you need an overview of the entire room. The minor things are also significant for this rescue journey. Relying on the books on the shelf, find hints for successful coding. Make sure everything is done quickly. Otherwise, bad things can happen anytime a scientist finds you.

Unwanted Experiment mod apk

Freeing another victim in the lab

You are not the only one who fell into the trap of this crazy invention. In addition to you is Alex Lauren, a person who worked with the mysterious scientist who also became a victim. He and the scientist disagreed while creating the Experiment. That argument led the scientist to inject a drug containing the mutant virus into Alex’s neck. And he transformed half of his body into a formidable monster. Rescuing Alex is also one of your missions. Watch the gesture Alex draws by hand to be able to decipher the mystery box and get the ingredients to create an antidote. He has fingerprints to open the door, which helps him exit quickly.

Experiment android

Let’s get rid of terrible inventions together

After successfully making the antidote, you will now join Alex to continue solving the puzzle to complete the task. The mysterious boxes are gradually opened, and the door to hell is about to end. When you concentrate, use one hundred percent of your mind, and you will surely succeed. The question is getting more difficult, but that proves your thinking ability. In solving puzzles, you continue to invent antidotes to prevent bad things from happening. And then you have also unlocked the door and escaped. If you see that scary scientist again, give him an antidote to get things back to normal.

Unwanted Experiment apk free

Unwanted Experiment promises to bring a playground to challenge your intellect and logical thinking. Maybe at first, things will be so difficult for you that you give up. But when you put yourself in Erik’s shoes, you’ll be motivated to save yourself. Download the Unwanted Experiment mod, where you prove your talent for solving puzzles in this mysterious world.

How to Download & Install Unwanted Experiment MOD APK (Unlimited hints) for Android


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