Manor Matters MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) 4.8.5

Updated 06/04/2024 (1 week ago)
NameManor Matters APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Stars
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Introduce MOD APK Manor Matters

Manor Matters game leads you to Castlewood, an old manor with extremely mysterious things. Carl and his beautiful assistant will renovate this place into a completely different house. They want to change the dark space in the rooms by remodelling specific details. The player will act as an advisor to help them achieve their goals early in order for this manor to be transformed. But unlike any home improvement game at Manor Matters is a mystery. The door is always open, you don’t need a key or any way to enter. The decision to go into the manor could be seen as an act of courage.

There are many things that startle you. Fear can cause the player to give up, of course, that choice is not here. Once you open the game, you have to go even if you don’t want to. Manor Matters lets you do the first job in your adventure in Castlewood. With a super large area, players need to have each plan to make changes to the house’s overview. In addition, GameDVA also has a few other adventure games such as Castle Cats, or Eyes: Scary Thriller with some horror elements.

Manor Matters mod

Download Manor Matters mod – Refresh the old manor

The old look, almost every object is covered with a thick layer of dust is what you see. But the context of the manor inside was even worse. There are no lights in the evening, at first you are susceptible to being frightened by bats. They often fly in groups and sometimes, because they cannot see, bumping into them causes the bats to fly in panic. If you don’t know that, then you definitely can’t calm down. Manor Matters gives players the opportunity to decode mysterious rumours. From a place, no one dares to approach, bring magnificent views into this manor. At no expense, everything is available. You just need to do a remodelling of things to make it more attractive to people.

Manor Matters mod download

Explore Castlewood

Players are overwhelmed by the manor’s monumental property. After a long period of abandonment, of course, everything gradually deteriorated, but what everyone has to admit is that the scale of the building is huge. To be able to complete a large amount of work, you need to take a relatively long time. Manor Matters is not a game that allows you to hire more staff. In fact, although the manor is large, you are the one who helped Carl to finish all the work here. In return, secrets are only known to you. A large place with lots of rooms will belong to you in the future. The price you get is proportional to what the player has to spend.

Manor Matters mod android

Decipher the mystery

Manor Matters doesn’t tell you everything in the first place. The open door is just a factor at first. Once inside the player needs to manually unlock the rooms and restore it. Whatever design you want, choose based on game recommendations. Though, the Manor Matters does not offer unlimited options. However, you still have a few options for making the manor the way you want. Become an amateur detective and improve your clue finding skills.

Hidden items and stars

There are many things of hidden value, you need to figure it out. Those are the property left by the former owner. Make them yours by finding their hiding place. Stars are like currency when you want to change your house you need to have them. Collect items for the manor’s renovation process to speed up even more.

Manor Matters mod apk

Manor Matters is a game that brings you to a place full of mysteries. Make the manor house deserted with lots of dust and many disgusting animals living there disappear. Replace everything with a new shape with many amenities like a villa. Download the manor Matters mod to show off your manicured talent.

How to Download & Install Manor Matters MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) for Android


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Daisy zhou
Daisy zhou
2 years ago

Would you please update the mod apk? The current version is 2.8.0.

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