7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel MOD APK (Unlimited tickets) 2.6.1

Updated 22/02/2023 (1 year ago)
Name7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel APK
PublisherBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited tickets
SupportAndroid 6.0
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK 7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel

Learn the whole plot of the game 7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel in 7 days. A storytelling adventure game that follows friends who seek to come back to life from the underworld. A storyline unfolds and continues according to your communication choices with the character. You have seven days to find out the end of the story and the mystery behind it. Mysteries appear in your journey one after another and are related to each other. Discuss with friends and find the answers to all those problems. You and the rest of the team will have access to things that have never been revealed, and even about each person’s ending.

Waking up in a strange place and losing all memories of what happened to the mysterious quest. A person called Death comes to you and the reward is you will be resurrected. Don’t be surprised that you’re dead but still conscious and able to communicate. You are in a place where all those who die will come here, the underworld. Use the compass that Death gives you to keep track of your quest. It only activates when there is a newly dead person nearby. So wander around the underworld and search for the soul that activates this compass. The people you meet and how you talk will open your next door.

7Days Mystery Visual Novel mod

Download 7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel mod – Find your own life

You will be transformed into a character in the game to complete tasks and revive yourself. Find your life based on the guidance from the compass of Death. Others will share the same quest with you, and their desire to restore will not be weaker than yours. The assigned task must be completed within seven days. Otherwise, your results will not even be known to you yourself. Fight against time and others so you can be the one to be revived in the game. The story’s end depends on your choices in each dialogue. Get information about this so-called underworld so you can make a decision.

7Days Mystery Visual Novel mod apk

Believe or not

Decide whether to answer honestly or not depending on your circumstances. Try having a genuine conversation with Death to learn more about the character and you. When you understand yourself, your journey will appear companions like you. Trust them and be careful of others who appear on this journey. The way you choose will affect your story and your relationship with your teammates. Behave humanely with everyone if you don’t want the mission to fail from the start. Choose to believe or not to see where your journey goes in this journey.

7Days Mystery Visual Novel free


Along the way to find a way to complete your mission, you will meet different people. Not everyone just wants to conduct their quest to survive. If you are not so selfish, find yourself teammates. Communicate well with others so that others also return you with their honesty. In this strange place you and them can move together and solve all the mysteries. The group’s survival will also become easier if it encounters other people or zombies. So be kind to others in return for their kindness. Maybe the law of cause and effect will help you complete the mission and you will be resurrected.

7Days Mystery Visual Novel android

Final decision

During your seven-day adventure in hell, you’ll have to make choices. You can control your choices, but the next storyline you will never be able to predict. You can also skip overthinking and choose what you think makes the most sense. After each day, your final choice of which will determine your next day. And when you are about to complete the mission, do you decisively decide to stay alive? Do you want to come back to life by knocking down your comrades who have been attached to the journey? Or do you dare to kill yourself so your friends can survive when you know you’re the bad guy?

7Days Mystery Visual Novel apk

You will be the one to finish your story from the choices in the game 7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel. Waking up from hell and tasked with finding life from the God of Death. Choose to trust those who come to find teammates. Side by side and exchange to complete the missions as directed by the compass in turn. Be careful with how you treat others because their influence is huge. Make your last-day picks to see how you feel. Download 7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel mod to learn the game’s plot and find the best ending.

How to Download & Install 7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel MOD APK (Unlimited tickets) for Android


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