Wizard Master: Magic Roguelike MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.1

Updated 11/01/2023 (1 year ago)
NameWizard Master: Magic Roguelike APK
PublisherFourAce Game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Wizard Master: Magic Roguelike MOD APK detail?

Unlimited Money (Increase when you spent)

Introduce MOD APK Wizard Master: Magic Roguelike

Wizard Master: Magic Roguelike is a classic shooting RPG game. The game takes you back to the prehistoric era of childhood, taking place in an old school. The familiar motif when playing the role of heroes fighting against the monsters that are around. Here provides a treasure trove of different heroes. Feel free to explore their skills. Explore the forests and dungeons in search of the monsters that reside here. There are nearly 100 enemies living and roaming on this land. Collect rewards like gold coins and gems. Take advantage of upgrading your equipment and support team.

Start the game by joining the battlefield in the green forest by unlocking the level one hero. There are many heroes on the list, including Horus, Choi, Dante, Sweet,… Information about their strength and skills will be provided in the following section. The player is taken to an area covered with green, sometimes with dead trees. Below there is a circle of arrows used to move the character. Ammunition automatically fires, so players only need to move their character to areas crowded with enemies. Because the bullets are fired in a circle around the character. Players judge the path that moves to hit the enemy.

Wizard Master Magic Roguelike mod apk

Download Wizard Master: Magic Roguelike mod – Shooting game to destroy monsters in the forbidden forest

Train the team of heroes so that they have all the skills that can serve the battle. Steal treasures and items that appear in your sights. After completing a level, the heroes will throw a party by having colorful fireworks shoot up. To proceed to the next level, the player needs to unlock a new hero. In particular, Wizard Master: Magic Roguelike provides a special skill called an escape. The player has a maximum of two turns to escape from the monster. When clicking the button on the right corner of the screen. Use this skill at the best time to avoid being destroyed by monsters.

Wizard Master Magic Roguelike apk

Types of Ammunition

Because it is a shooting game, each type of ammo the player collects will be different. In addition to upgrading ammo types, players can also collect new types of ammo during the war. There are squares with avatars of bullets showing up. The opening can be just small bullets with not dense proportions. When upgrading, there will be more warheads and fly in more accurate proportions. Red spinning ax-shaped bullets. Or beams of bullets in the shape of burning fireballs flying towards the enemy. There is a purple lightsaber used to kill youkai that come close to you.

Wizard Master Magic Roguelike apk free

Nine heroes

As mentioned, the nine heroes of Wizard Master: Magic Roguelike, each with different skills and appearance. Players need to collect cards to unlock these heroes. Aorus wears red armor with hair of the same color, and holds a red silk ribbon in his hand. Alez wears a charcoal green cape. Holding the almighty staff with a golden tip. Choi has the appearance of a magician with white clothes dotted with red. Dante carried a gloomy air, wearing charcoal green clothes. Two hands are holding two red axes. Roland, with a white buffalo horn mask and two yellow swords holds in both hands.

Wizard Master Magic Roguelike mod

Region Unlock

As a fighting game against monsters, there will be different monsters at each level. The player must pass each level to open the next level. The first area is the simplest with the forbidden forest. This place is inhabited by a mutant monster in the form of a blue wolf with red eyes. Next was the dungeon, covered in a dark red with a two-horned goblin monster. Its entire body was also emitting a murky black smoke with wobbly limbs. The next level is led by a flying monster shaped like a bee but with a size many times larger than reality.

Wizard Master Magic Roguelike android

The giant monsters above are just bosses that stand after the player destroys all the shrimps. The minions of many shapes and sizes are smaller than the others. Their simultaneous attack also makes the player be careful. In addition, players upgrade their characters to increase their strength and speed. In addition, earning a lot of money can be used to open buildings. That makes your empire even more open. Fill the energy bar with blue, and it’s time to move on to the next level. Download Wizard Master: Magic Roguelike shooting war to destroy monsters appearing in your empire.

How to Download & Install Wizard Master: Magic Roguelike MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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