Live or Die: Zombie Survival MOD APK (Free craft) 0.5.0

Updated 28/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameLive or Die: Zombie Survival APK
PublisherNot Found Games
MOD FeaturesFree craft
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Live or Die: Zombie Survival MOD APK detail?

V1: Free Craft


  1. God mode
  2. Unlimited point
  3. Unlimited coin


[ Player Menu ]

  1. Godmode
  2. Unlimited Energy
  3. Unlimited Gold
  4. Premium Status (IAP Purchase)
  5. Gas Mask
  6. Level 1001

V4: Menu

  1. One Hit Kill
  2. God Mode
  3. Free Craft
  4. Max Durability
  5. Unlimited Gold
  6. Unlimited Points
  7. Radio Tower Level 1001
  8. Unlimited Points
  9. Unlimited Provisions
  10. Unlimited Reanimators
  11. Unlimited Reputation

Introduce MOD APK Live or Die: Zombie Survival

Have you ever thought that you would live in a world full of zombies? It’s scary, isn’t it? When the cannibals always want to harm you. Live or Die: Zombie Survival is a game that will let you live in that world. Every day, there are always chases from them. Wants to eat you and not let you get out. So how will you face it? Will they surround you and tear your body apart? Let’s go with Live or Die: Zombie Survival and find the solutions. To be able to fight zombies and protect your life. Get your freedom back and return to a peaceful life.

The zombie game is already quite familiar to gamers. However, Live or Die: Zombie Survival has never ceased to be hot. The game offers drama as well as challenges. Let players live in the real world. Step into life without people. There are hordes of zombies that eat meat and want to harm you. Steal your life at any time. That’s why the game has brought great experiences. Attract players by diverse gameplay. Open up a fierce battle with zombies. You will have to fight and destroy all of them. Can’t let them take your life. Attack and thoroughly destroy hordes of horrendous cannibals.

Live or Die Zombie Survival mod android

Download Live or Die: Zombie Survival mod – Kill zombies, return to a peaceful life

The zombies will turn your life upside down. Always have to live in fear, and death can come at any time. Live or Die: Zombie Survival recreates an extremely realistic life when there are zombies. They will always chase you and can eat you at any cost. The chases between you and them will constantly happen. Let’s start with Live or Die: Zombie Survival and find your own way out. Attack them back and don’t give in. Kill all zombies and have the most peaceful life. To be able to survive and live a beautiful life. Enter the zombie world and rescue yourself.

Live or Die Zombie Survival mod apk

Facing zombies

You are the lucky one to survive. The disease has made it impossible for people to continue living. Therefore, you alone will have to face zombies. The zombies are extremely strong and aggressive. They will always chase you with everything to be able to take your life. Thousands of zombies are always raging. Making the whole world almost lifeless. You will face reality and find ways to live. Life is fragile, and death always needs to be with you. Therefore, fight with all your might to stop them. Just show up, and they see. Then the chases from the zombies will take place. Confronted with hordes of zombies, will you be able to fight them off?

Live or Die Zombie Survival mod

Protect life

Your own life is what you need to fight to protect. The carnivorous zombies will follow and kill you. Having to fight them alone is extremely difficult. That’s why you have to escape quickly. Find safe hiding places and kill them at any time. Let’s build strong bases. To be able to live and avoid staying in houses. When they surround you too much, be quick to run away. And now, it is the houses that will be the place for you to avoid them. Choose building materials and design for your base. After each tiring battle will be a place for you to return, rest and have good energy. Defeat all the zombies and destroy them in the most thorough way. Protect life and liberty.

Armor and weapons

Avoid zombie attacks. There will be no shortage of sharp weapons. Contributing immensely in combat and attack. Resist the enemy force effectively. In addition, Live or Die: Zombie Survival also gives you armor sets. Avoid zombie counterattacks. Lots of different guns. Each type will have high bombardment. Use armor and be able to avoid the enemy’s shooting. Complete the mission and regain your freedom.

Live or Die Zombie Survival mod free

Live or Die: Zombie Survival opens a battle with zombies. They will destroy human life and give people no way out. Download Live or Die: Zombie Survival mod to destroy man-eating zombies.

How to Download & Install Live or Die: Zombie Survival MOD APK (Free craft) for Android


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