Stickman Spear Legend MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.07

Updated on 10/01/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NameStickman Spear Legend APK
PublisherCuongbeo Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Stickman Spear Legend MOD APK Infomation

1. Unlimited crystal
2.Unlimited gold

An action game with sharp spears controlled by the super fun Stick Mans. What do you need to do when a monstrous demonic force invades your homeland? Of course, standing up to fight to protect your beloved land, right? In Stickman Spear Legend, you play as a Stick Man’s warrior holding a spear to fight. Take on tough challenges against monstrous monsters and their bosses. Your ancestors have left you the most potent spears. Please pick them up and fight a bunch of demonic forces out there. Countless relics and exciting levels in an easy-to-play, easy-to-win game Stickman Spear Legend in the action role of fun Stick Man’s characters.

Download Stick Mans-oriented games and try them out; players—are fun and entertaining without any pressure or constraints in this game. Stickman Spear Legend also follows the direction of Stick Mans to play with simple operations on the device screen. Defeat all the enemies on the way and then rush to the finish line to win to protect your beloved homeland in the game Stickman Spear Legend. Briefly, about exciting things like strategy, and graphics, it looks very cool. Challenge yourself in this exciting Stick Man game.

Stickman Spear Legend

Download Stickman Spear Legend mod – Launch javelin battle

Simple combat operations on your device screen, like dragging and dropping characters. Stick Mans will throw your most powerful spears to deal massive damage. The opponent hit by the weapon is dealt damage to the point of exhaustion and will be defeated when the health reaches zero; through the stages, what awaits you is victory and the corresponding gifts for each dramatic and challenging screen. Towel. Clear all the advanced settings to enjoy rescuing each area of your hometown—numerous weapons for the player to collect and collect in the player’s inventory. The selection of special weapons is powerful javelins that improvise each battle. Upgrade all your weapons to complete your battle javelin collection.

Stickman Spear Legend mod

Battle mode

Lots of javelin combat modes with different levels dealing with monsters. Other maps and terrain with black javelin throwing monsters all at you. The landscapes require you to adapt and create different fighting postures dodging and throwing the javelin. Unlock the game screen by winning turn up and increase the level for the player himself and then destroy the places they go through, sweep all the enemies to win the game. The higher you go, the more powerful opponents you will face with more significant and faster spear damage. The stronger you are, the easier it will be to meet them, so conquer the previous level to earn rewards.

Stickman Spear Legend mod apk free

Create your Stickmans

Create a Stick Mans with the best and most muscular looks with mighty spears and armor obtained through victorious battle levels. The appearance is upgraded as you get a higher player level through the stages: the more items, the more choices for the player’s character. Earn more gold, silver, and red diamonds to buy beautiful things you like in the shop. New characters are opened and gilded, looking very cool. Stickman Spear Legend allows you to decorate everything to your liking for the characters you own with things you earn to satisfy the player’s character design preferences.

Stickman Spear Legend mod android

Upgrade spears and characters.

The mighty spears left by the ancestors are abundant in the game Stickman Spear Legend. The spears have special powers with different abilities. The initial destructive power will be pretty rudimentary, so you need to upgrade them. The higher the star, the stronger the power of the spears will be. The maximum number of leads for the infinitely powerful spears in Stickman Spear Legend is five stars. Your character will also try the number of celebrities like spears with other equipment such as armor, shoes, and hats … Upgrade them, and evolve the player’s character in Stickman Spear Legend.

Stickman Spear Legend mod android free

Graphics and gameplay are simple but excellent for game players. The screens, weapons, and Stick Man’s characters are attractive and exciting. Modes with survival missions are filled with dramatic challenges waiting for players. Forge weapons to fight powerfully, and destroy the game to protect the character. Download Stickman Spear Legend mod to accurately throw sharp spears to protect your beloved incense stick.

Download Stickman Spear Legend MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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