Dungeon Defense MOD APK 1.93.03 (Free shopping/Upgrade/Repair)

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NameDungeon Defense APK
MOD FeaturesFree shopping/Upgrade/Repair
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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We often see heroes storming into dungeons and slaying monsters. But with Dungeon Defense, this no longer makes sense. Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of the dungeon guards? They were trying to protect it, especially the precious things. Fight against heroes who dare trespass into dangerous forbidden territory. Drive them all out with force full of magical creatures and monsters.

Games with modern graphics now no longer dominate on many platforms. Instead, most users often find simple games. Understanding this mentality, the GameCoaster developer has launched Dungeon Defense. Full is a defense action game with classic pixel graphics. Do not require the player to manipulate too complicated and difficult to understand. Very suitable for entertaining in many different situations. Build your own effective strategies.

Dungeon Defense mod

Download Dungeon Defense mod – Defend your dungeon from invaders

The dungeon where monsters lived was threatened by adventurers and warriors. As a keeper, you cannot let that happen. Let’s start planning to drive them out of this sacred and noble place. You will be managing an army of your own monsters. Arrange them into different battle positions and let them automatically attack the invaders. Powerful bullets will be fired to destroy and repel enemies. When the defense succeeds and wipes out all five attacks, you will win. Try to get them to get close, or you may take damage.

After every day of successful defense, your team will receive skills again. Choose from one of these perks to further improve your team’s strength. Help members can effectively survive the next attacks. People will never give up, and they are getting very close.

Dungeon Defense mod download

Own and upgrade

Weapons are vital to keeping your troops on the battlefield. Through countless battles, you will accumulate a certain amount of gold coins. Use it to buy good items and equipment available in the shop. There will be swords, axes, bows, or magic staff suitable for your soldiers. The more expensive the weapons, the more power they bring. Not only that, after equipping, you can also make it stronger by upgrading. A high level means that the stats are also increased rapidly. This should not be missed, unfortunately, in Dungeon Defense.

Dungeon Defense mod apk

Talented Warriors

Humans have excellent warriors, and demons have warriors of their own. With the number of up to hundreds of different demon warriors, you can freely choose. Create yourself a strong army with those possessing powerful abilities. Demons are also divided into power types such as magic and physical. Each of them has its own unique weapon. Their shape is also made boldly in a deadly dungeon. Let’s bring humanity to its knees and never approach the treasures. Can search for stronger warriors in the shop to replace, helping to improve your squad.

Many attractive rewards

While you fight can try to reach and unlock some excellent achievement. It will be recorded in the system and give you a valuable gift back. The bigger the achievement, the more gems or gold you have for yourself. Always challenge yourself with endless difficulty levels. Making your soldiers higher level is also a way to find achievements. Daily quests will also help you accumulate more resources: the more assets, the greater the opportunity to enhance the squad’s strength. Help you go up from weak formations to strong walls.

Dungeon Defense mod android

Dungeon Defense will give you a few different difficulty options to improve your skills. From simple to crazy and finally deadly hell. With a simple level, you will not need to worry too much about the fighting strength of the team. Feel free to attack and upgrade easily until victory. The difficulty level is different, and it is for advanced and experienced players. Players at this level will have to calculate from formation to resource consumption. The more you understand about Dungeon Defense mod, the more advantages you have.

Download Dungeon Defense MOD APK (Free shopping/Upgrade/Repair) for Android

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