Knighthood MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Actions, onehit) 1.17.3

Updated 24/01/2024 (1 month ago)
NameKnighthood APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Actions, onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Knighthood

Are you someone who aspires to become a great temple knight? Under God’s protection and standing up to destroy evil, bring happiness to the whole world? Let Knighthood come and give you those powers. As an action role-playing game with many supernatural, fantasy elements. Promises to be a craze for those who love fighting and adventure. Especially fans of the multiplayer action genre. This is a special game that helps people bond together.

Inspired by the temple knights in history. Knighthood will take you into a world of warriors. All were knights of the Order of Wrath in a faraway land. Your mission is to fight against those who go against the faith of the guild. Many monsters are everywhere in this land. Even treacherous knights will be your hunted targets. Take part in this largest-scale cleansing ever.

Knighthood apk

Download Knighthood mod – Battle of the Brave Knights

The Knights of Wrath has long been a knightly order that honors and protects this sacred land. But only after Lord Karnon’s intrusion and contamination. This place has metamorphosed and become the source of all evil. The player, as a knight, still has a brave heart. Will join everyone to stand up against that evil plot. Return the Order to the Knights and end Lord Karnon’s rule once and for all. Players will choose their favorite character. Fight everywhere to protect the safety of the world.

The main goal is to cross different lands to rescue your knight order. It also protects the people in those places from the many dangers that are causing trouble. With equipment as well as a hidden power. But they look pretty funny and a little ridiculous. The knight’s appearance is also very interesting. You will fight the enemy with your skills. Each knight possesses many different skills. Along with other special equipment and upgrades.

Knighthood mod

Choose the right playing strategy

This long journey requires a lot of important baggage. Including the knights on your team, many other key items, and weapons. As mentioned, each warrior has a different strength, skills, and stats. It is necessary to create a smart squad to create a connection in the gameplay. The most effective moves and combos to damage enemies. Even when the limit is reached. Can unlock more special ultimate skills that deal great damage or effects. Along with a lot of items and equipment suitable for each warrior. Mainly collect it in various lands. Create invincible power over the logic and arrangement of the commander.

Knighthood mod apk free

Show your personality in the arena

I bet you’ll want to change your look to suit your taste best, right? Gladly, Knighthood gives players a lot of different warrior looks. From fun decorations to a variety of epic and brilliant armor. Of course, they have no effect on strength. Then it is impossible not to participate in the PvP battlefields. Where other players are waiting for you to come to compete. Be confident with your strength with many different formations, combos, and powers to surprise opponents. The main thing is to win and have the best time.

Knighthood mod free

Join many powerful guilds

The main purpose, of course, is to rebuild the glory of the Order of Rage. However, you won’t be able to do it alone. Gather like-minded teammates. Return to the creation of a new clan. Although the name is different, they still have the same common mission. Chat with people in real-time via chat or voice. Go on hunts together to make a profit. As well as building a great reputation of the association. Accompanying people traveling around the world. Spread terror to the monsters. Shows the level of a clan under the glorious Order of Wrath.

Knighthood mod apk

Along with many other interesting features are waiting for you to enjoy. Many updates are continuous and always available. Surely Knighthood is a game you can’t play alone. Which with friends and teammates will definitely be a lot more fun. Let’s fight together against evil. Use your strength and faith to restore and erase the uncleanness of the greatest Order of Wrath. That’s all about the Knighthood mod. You can download it now to fight.

How to Download & Install Knighthood MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Actions, onehit) for Android


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Marcos mello
Marcos mello
1 year ago

unfortunately this one already go Knighthood is useless, the download to install the game after downloaded does not work, I have already downloaded from about 5 sites none of them works the installation, this game does not accept being hacked 👀 🧐