Professor of Magical Studies MOD APK 1.0.3 (Unlock story, No ads, Increase stats)

Updated on 11/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameProfessor of Magical Studies APK
PublisherChoice of Games LLC
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlock story, No ads, Increase stats
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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V11. Unlocked All Story
2. No Ads


V2: 1. Unlocked All Story
2. No Ads
3. Boosted Stats




Build an incredible magical story with a new colorful, magical world. The game players create their storylines by inputting characters. The Professor of Magical Studies offers players the best possible story-telling experience of a unique paranormal world revolving around an ongoing artifact. Play as a brilliant professor who studies and teaches about magic. Watch everything unfold around the professor character the player will be playing. Challenge different situations to be able to have other stories. It’s unique to be part of the story built into the world of this Professor of Magical Studies story role-playing game.

Explore and experience and go everywhere to be able to study magic. The stories are the obstacles set for the players of the game—Challenge Professor of Magical Studies game players through game stories. Through the unique relationships between the characters built in the game, the characters have their depth and level of that particular character. Each class will build up the personality and strength of the unique character. Some strange creatures invade this magical witch game world—research with other characters in the school where the player plays the doctoral character.

Professor of Magical Studies mod android

Download Professor of Magical Studies mod – Great professor of magic

Engage in different stories related to multiple directions of the issue. Professor of Magical Studies sets out many practical aspects of the magical world society here for players to choose the order and then build the character essence and plot around the world of that professor character. . Romance, school, student, and political stories revolve around the magical world here. They are dealing with difficult situations and managing the problem from the hands of the players. The Professor of Magical Studies is built from the most extraordinary stories. In the game, players themselves made when playing the character of a professor. Experience and discover and go on an adventure into a new magical world. Imagine the most amazing built stories in this construction role-playing game.

Professor of Magical Studies mod android free

Start with the story.

The player is in the role of a professor who specializes in studying great magic. This professor character will be invited to teach at Winfield Phillips College of magic. The mission was arranged for the character when he was hired at the last moment to choose a brilliant professor of magic research to replace a previously selected professor who suddenly disappeared—Lost in some extremely mysterious way. Winfield Phillips is a school that always has talented and intelligent students with bright futures. Students at this school all have high scores to graduate with the best degree. Those students will accompany the character to study the use of magic. The player’s character will be taught and attended by students to learn magic.

Professor of Magical Studies mod

Character’s Mission

Game players will understand the mission of a professor of magic research himself. When the character himself and his fellow students study the unique magic, they start research from starter magic gene starter research samples. But that magic can have the ability to transform the minds of story characters. Magic will have a great source of power and energy that needs to be harnessed from that point—hidden inside the journey to research the game’s most special magical power. Balance everything has been laid out for the game players story building experience. Balancing the main task of the professor is played by the players of this game, advance in school teaching, and develop your research processes.

Professor of Magical Studies mod apk

The Mysteries Behind

No one can foretell and warn the game player’s character, the great intelligent professor, before the professor himself applies to this school. Instead, players’ characters will face a mysterious, dangerous threat. Those stories will be solved by building the story of the players of this Professor of Magical Studies game.

Professor of Magical Studies mod apk free

Explore and role-play this most exciting and unique professor. Teach and research through the stories of the game Professor of Magical Studies. The players of the game will choose the directions for this character themselves. Download Professor of Magical Studies mod to build a story and play the role of a talented professor specializing in magic research.

Download Professor of Magical Studies MOD APK (Unlock story, No ads, Increase stats) for Android

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