Cat Alchemist MOD APK 2.1.11 (Menu, Unlimited money/Unlocked/High damage)

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NameCat Alchemist APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/Unlocked/High damage
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Diamond
2. Unlocked All Heroes
3. Attack Multiplier
4. God Mode

Note: If you see an error just tap on retry or restart game.

Cat Alchemist is an RPG in Cat Town, home to cute cats. You play as a cat mage retrieving the fragments of the sage stone. You don’t get it wrong, it’s playing the role of a cat magician, the lovely emperors at home. The place of war is the world of alchemy, full of dangers. Because it’s too dangerous, the creators have built the scene to be simple and close. In order to reduce the gore and horror of the deadly war. But the danger is still there, as a loyal lotus, you need to control the emperor carefully. Make your cat the only strong man in this world.

The cause of the conflict is not too far-fetched and mysterious. The other day, when a ceremony was taking place in Cat Town. The bastard Shadow Seam took the opportunity to steal the sage stone on the altar. Fortunately, the hero Ranger Robin discovered this crime, he chased and fought that bastard. But ironically, when the conflict radiated energy, the sage’s pellet was shattered. They were scattered all over the world due to the strong explosion. This caused the monsters to emerge uncontrollably beastly. They smash everywhere. The heroes of Cat Town saw that and had to stand up and fight to protect their family and town.

Cat Alchemist android

Download Cat Alchemist mod – Cat mage protects Cat Town from the attack of uncontrolled monsters

Hold in hand an astrological map showing the location of the broken sage fragments. Go on an expedition to find every nook and cranny to recover these fragments. Only when there are enough fragments of the stone and summon them to merge into one. Only then will the energy of the monsters be restrained and controlled. Your cat mage wields a weapon to attack the demons one by one. Touch the zombies, youkai to slash down one blow. Move around the map choosing demons that are easy to shoot. Quickly destroy the monsters while avoiding the damage coming from them. Use the pillars in the ramparts as hiding places.

Cat Alchemist apk free

Various types of heroes

Currently in Cat Alchemist there are only nine cat categories. Each cat has a specific occupation and function. This place is full of warriors, archers, magicians, witches, and knights, … Each occupation is supported by three certain skills. The costumes of each profession are also different for players to easily distinguish. The archer wears a green robe and holds a wooden bow. Is a yellow cat with a feather hat on his head. The brown warrior cat wears armor the same color as the skin. He wears a soldier’s hat on his head and holds a unique sword in his hand. The witch cat wears a signature purple cape and hat. Holding the staff and the binoculars to track down the enemy’s position.

Cat Alchemist mod apk

Topographic maps

Cat Alchemist is a terrain area consisting of 6 different battle zones. This place is home to more than 100 types of monsters. From the courtyard to the dark dungeon are present in total. The garden is paved with brown bricks, and in the middle of the yard, there is a burning firewood field. Nearby was the lightsaber. The archer cat is responsible for protecting the sword; after the battle, it will belong to you. In the graveyard, there are old graves. The type of youkai here is usually flickering flames. Along with that are moving mummies and skulls. The stronghold is home to bats and enchanted cat warriors. Even if you don’t want to, you still have to kill them.

Cat Alchemist mod

Weapon Refining

Each battle in Cat Alchemist after the end unleashes rare gems. They are used to refine the weapons of magicians. With 36 elemental orbs and over 1000 different combinations. After having a fire or water elemental card. Place the elemental weapon and orb on the assimilation rock. Tap and wait to see what stats your weapon gains. Each downward slash of the sword carried the color of the elemental orb. The rarer the element, the more stats your weapon will increase. It is also possible to increase the number of slashes or arrows in one shot.

Cat Alchemist apk

In the dangerous world of alchemy, recruit an animal as your support pet. They carry support buttons such as increasing health, increasing combat stats, increasing experience, … The weapon’s rank will show a circle in the upper left corner of the screen. Based on that, choose the difficulty level of the game screen. You can also replay old levels to gain more experience and assets. Cat Alchemist is designed with a vertical screen that makes it easy for the lotuses to control the emperor with just one hand. Download Cat Alchemist mod cat magicians fight.

Download Cat Alchemist MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Unlocked/High damage) for Android

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Installation of app works, but fails to open.

(device : Moto g play)

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