Trainer Canyon MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense/VIP Level) 2.2.4

Updated 29/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameTrainer Canyon APK
PublisherThe Awesome Games Studio
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense/VIP Level
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Trainer Canyon

Trainer Canyon is a new game simulating combat training and animal development. The game is modeled and inspired by the worldwide popular title Pokemon. Players will become skilled trainers and develop powerful beasts. During the gameplay, gamers are transported to the world of Pokemon, beasts with unique abilities. Players will be guided by the NPC’s basic knowledge, functions, and gameplay. Each of those beasts belongs to different systems, fire, water, electricity, poison, darkness, and many others. The fighting animals also can evolve; the higher the evolution, the greater the skill power. Their appearance will also be upgraded.

Lovely Pokemon with massive power is now brought to the mobile platform for you. This is an online game; you will meet and interact with other coaches. In the magical world, you will meet Pokemon with different looks and types in many places. But of course, you must have a Pokemon to catch those powerful beasts first. As in the Anime, you can choose one of three starter Pokemon, Fire Dinosaur, Jenny Turtle, and Magic Frog. The three starting Pokemon belong to three different systems, with distinct characteristics and fighting skills. After that, the game will guide the player through the first tasks to upgrade the character level. Play Trainer Canyon to explore the magical world of Pokemon.

Trainer Canyon apkfree

Download Trainer Canyon mod – Become a professional animal trainer

Surely everyone has dreamed of becoming a character entering the mysterious Pokemon world. Dream of owning cute, powerful pocket animals with unique skills. Stop that dream now because you will have those experiences with this role-playing game. The identical Pokemon in the cartoon are all included in the game by the publisher. You will play while imagining scenes of childhood Anime. The game gives you many Pokemon with extraordinarily diverse and rich systems. You will need a lot of time to discover and own all those colossal Pokemon. In addition, the Pokemon can evolve, bringing glory to the owner.

Trainer Canyon mod

Lots of Pokemon

The game has a total of 434 Pokemon with distinct attributes, looks, powers, and skills. At the start, you will choose from three Pokemon: Fire Dinosaur, Jenny Turtle, and Magic Frog. If you like fire-type Pokemon and high-temperature attacks, choose Fire Dinosaur. If you want to attack your enemies with great force, the Jenny Turtle is for you. As for the Miracle Frog, it is probably a better Pokemon when it comes to possessing two types of grass and poison. The Magic Frog has enormous health out of the three starter Pokemon. You will use the Pokemon you have to catch other animals when exploring the world. Flying, shadow, supernatural, and even Fairy-type Pokemon are waiting for players. If you upgrade the Pokemon to reach a certain power threshold, conquer the Legendary Pokemon. It’s a difficult task, but you will get a badass warrior.

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Variety of upgrades

With the large number of Pokemon mentioned above, resource development is also very picky. Players need to upgrade Pokemon’s health, armor, healing, and endurance stats. They need to increase the damage stats and active and passive skill effects. The correct number of Pokemon to form a team and fight with other trainers is three. Players need to decide and choose the right amount of resources for Pokemon. There will be Pokemon that act as the primary damage dealer, and there are Pokemon with the role of support. Therefore, upgrade your warriors wisely. Trainers can bring themselves items that give Pokemon a pre-match advantage. And those items are upgradable.

Trainer Canyon apk

Huge Pokemon world

Pokemon of different systems will undoubtedly have their own distinct and characteristic habitats. The starting area will have a lot of grass so that you will meet grass-type Pokemon. In later missions, the player may go to the lake area, bringing back water-type Pokemon. Next, players will perform tasks in the rocky area, the territory of rock-type Pokemon. In addition, in this game world, there is a competition area for coaches to compete. Besides, the game also has areas for special events taking place. What a vast world spoiled to explore.

Trainer Canyon android

A game that helps Pokemon followers have the same experience as in Anime. Having yourself, a large number of Pokemon is definitely what makes players feel attracted. The game also creates a vast world for players to bring back powerful Pokemon. Download Trainer Canyon mod to catch powerful Pokemon, train, evolve, and become a great trainer.

How to Download & Install Trainer Canyon MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense/VIP Level) for Android


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