Knight War: Idle Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets, max ATK Range) 2.2.5b1

Updated 24/03/2024 (4 months ago)
NameKnight War: Idle Defense APK
PublisherTDCGames Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, tickets, max ATK Range
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Knight War: Idle Defense

In this era of rapid growth in video games. There are countless genres of games that have been released to the public. And there are some in all that keep their popularity and appeal. To leave players with a lot of excitement and certain emotions. One of them is probably the goalkeeper player, with the most attention. And today’s game I introduce to you though new. But there is also this special category, which is Knight War: Idle Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets, max ATK Range).

Featuring a goalkeeper theme that mixes both action and adventure elements. Knight War: Idle Defense APK 2.2.5b1 is a fantasy game with very interesting stories. But surely you have heard a lot. Unreal characters such as witches, giant monsters, mages… will all appear in this game. You may have understood part of the story of the game already. Yes, with base protection, along with fantasy characters. Surely we must prevent invasion from monster forces. Destroy their evil conspiracy, protect the peace of the kingdom in the game.

KWID mod

Download Knight War: Idle Defense APK mod – Prevent evil legions from invading

A team of knights from a certain kingdom receives urgent news about the invasion of monster forces. It seems that this time they organized a massive attack that had never been seen before. To protect this kingdom from the hand of the intruder. You are the commander of the knights. Ordered a response with strong defenses. Send the strongest heroes to the front line. Form the main defense system of the kingdom. This team of knights is responsible for cleaning up the waves of enemy soldiers. When they rushed to our base there was no warning.

You will arrange the standing positions of the knights. From the castle, they will unleash their power. To damage and destroy the enemy’s army. Your team of knights includes a lot of heroes with unique skills and skills. Depending on the power and function they bring. Will be the main factor to repel enemy attacks. Because they will always attack automatically when monsters appear. Your remaining task is to observe the situation of the match. Use external things to contribute to victory.

KWID mod apk free

Commander of the royal knight team

Your only force participating in this battle is the royal team of engineers. But that is also the most powerful force you have right now. The warriors though have a much smaller number of troops than the enemy. But in return is superior intelligence and strength. Easily destroy many large monsters if upgraded and improved skills. From swordsmen, archers, mages, everyone has their own basic stats. Your job is to upgrade their skills and levels. Up to an outstanding threshold, the power will be unleashed very effectively. Arrange the team like that to increase your chances of winning.

KWID mod free

Use different weapons

Accompanying the power of the knights were the sultry weapons. Ranged from primitive to legendary with a wide variety of shapes and effects. Each weapon will only suit a hero like swordsman swords. The same and the staff are for archers and mages. You can even upgrade these weapons to further enhance their own damage and stats. Particularly, the legendary weapons also possess their own special effects and skills. Very powerful but with a minus point is quite expensive and rare. After all, building more weapon sets for powerful heroes is definitely still the number one priority.

KWID mod mod

Encounter giant bosses

Because the levels are divided into individual attacks. So most of the time, the last wave of a screen will appear the boss silhouette. They carry characteristics similar to those of the species we have to face. But with a much larger size. Along with the health and damage is not the right type. So every time turret gets to the last turn, you have to calmly consolidate the whole lineup. Review what I have, to face the boss need something more. If you are careless and not well prepared. It is possible that the boss will leisurely approach and destroy the castle, leading to a defeat. Be awake to make a wise choice.

KWID mod apk

Over time, new goalkeeping games like Knight War: Idle Defense do not retain too many details that make up the legendary games from the past. But their souls will still be kept. To be the basis for the development of many juniors games later on. And the same goes for Knight War: Idle Defense MOD APK. If you haven’t downloaded and tried it out, it is a pity.

How to Download & Install Knight War: Idle Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets, max ATK Range) for Android


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