Combat Assault: SHOOTER MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited ammo, God mode, onehit) 1.61.5

Updated 01/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameCombat Assault: SHOOTER APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited ammo, God mode, onehit
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Combat Assault: SHOOTER

Shooting games like COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, or Fortnite have become prominent in the market. But they have one thing in common that they all take you too long to experience. Then let’s change things up a bit to make things easier with  Combat Assault: SHOOTER. Fight your enemies with powerful guns. Disrupt the conspiracy to cause rebellion and protect national peace. Become the top gunman of the secret government task force.

Combat Assault: SHOOTER was created to bring shooting to a wider audience. The most special thing is that its capacity is extremely light, but the graphics are of high quality. Give users a smooth experience without causing lag. More specifically, the matches take place extremely quickly, without wasting time—no need to pay too much attention to this game, and can do many other things. Busy people will certainly feel comfortable with what it has to offer.

Combat Assault SHOOTER mod android

Download  Combat Assault: SHOOTER mod – Participate in intense gun battles

Similar to other shooting games,  Combat Assault: SHOOTER also has basic gameplay. You will move using the controls on the left side of the screen. On the right will be buttons such as firing, reloading, turning on the sights, and changing guns. In combat, you will have to act quickly to confront the enemy. Let’s practice a bit to mastery by fighting bots. Playing the game every day will help your level improve significantly. There’s no need to force yourself to achieve something great. Set your sights correctly to defeat the enemies in front of you quickly. Combine shooting and moving to avoid taking too much damage for yourself.

Help you quickly gain an advantage when fighting with them. To be more effective in taking down enemies, you can place the reticle on the head. Damage to the head will be doubled compared to normal. This method works even for highly skilled players.

Combat Assault SHOOTER mod apk free

Powerful Weapons

With a shooting game, weapons are indispensable for special forces soldiers. The more powerful the weapon, the better the chance to complete the mission. Combat Assault: SHOOTER will give you hundreds of different guns. Depending on your preferences, you can choose for yourself an excellent gun. The firing method of each gun is also not the same at all. Depending on the gun line, the rate of fire or the flexibility and the reload time is also different. It is best to practice a variety of guns to become more flexible. Being good at each type of gun is also good, but it will make you passive. Make a lot of money to create an arsenal for yourself.

Combat Assault SHOOTER mod apk

Skill Tree

Unlike many other games,  Combat Assault: SHOOTER has a section called skill tree. It contains the abilities of the shooter in combat. Upgrading the skill tree is extremely important, helping to increase your abilities. Each time you level up, you have a certain number of points to add to the skill tree. Based on your play style, distribute these points reasonably. Please don’t raise your score indiscriminately because it will make you weak. Having a few outstanding abilities will help you handle the situation with ease. Make the enemy wary of what you bring to them. Find a path that is most beneficial for you to develop.

Combat Assault SHOOTER mod download

Weapon Skins

Many people want their guns to be very vibrant to stand out. Combat Assault: SHOOTER can satisfy this need easily. Each gun has exciting appearance options with different colors and designs. By spending a certain amount of money, you have a pretty eye-catching gun. It will make you better in every match you participate in. It helps to differentiate from other players on your team. Choose any model you like to customize the gun. These skins only have the effect of beautifying your weapon, and it does not increase any stats that cause imbalance.

Combat Assault SHOOTER mod free

Daily Rewards

A reward is something we get when we complete something. Not to be disappointed,  Combat Assault: SHOOTER will have an attractive quest chain. Accompanied by rewards such as lucky boxes or skins for guns. Just work hard, and you can have a lot of valuable things in your inventory. The more difficult the task, the more attractive the reward becomes. Always challenge every challenge and push yourself beyond your limits. Combat Assault: SHOOTER mod is the bridge for you to become a talented shooter.

How to Download & Install Combat Assault: SHOOTER MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited ammo, God mode, onehit) for Android


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free fire gamer
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