Dollar hero: Grand Vegas Police MOD APK 1.1.9 (Unlimited skills, mana)

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NameDollar hero: Grand Vegas Police APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited skills, mana
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Being a Las Vegas superhero really isn’t such a bad experience. Dollar hero will really let you unleash being a hero everywhere. However, not always facing crime and doing many good deeds. This is inherently a game, but as a game, you can do whatever you like. So being a superhero is probably more fun. Depending on what you think, in general, we can do almost anything we like in this game. If you don’t want to chase criminals, then you can blow up everywhere.

Initially, Dollar hero was supposed to be a game of justice. Play as a superhero with full unlimited powers. Fly everywhere in the city of Las Vegas to deal with the raging evil. The job of a superhero keeps repeating day after day. It gives a feeling of excitement at first but loses interest later on. But what if you could do more than a guardian of justice? Surely it will be like in the movies about superhero villains. The limitless gameplay is also a big plus point that Dollar hero brings.

Dollar hero mod

Download Dollar hero mod – Superhero in the big city

At first glance, Dollar hero looks like a GTA game. With full buttons to move the character everywhere in the city. Las Vegas is simulated extremely large and close to reality. What’s more amazing is that the scenery and people around are very realistic. More specifically, you will not play the role of an ordinary person. Exactly a superhero with a mantle of justice. And all of them are not for show or decoration. You will really possess the necessary abilities for a superhero to be able to resist the forces. Nothing has made you feel excited yet.

Still moving and acting like a normal human. But now, there are extra special superpowers. Fly freely in the sky, emitting lasers from the eyes. He has super strength that can punch anything. This is a great tool that a superhero must-have. Aim to confront and destroy many evil forces that intend to do many evil works in the city. Overall, with the arrival of superheroes, everything in Las Vegas will change dramatically.

Dollar hero mod mod

Offers a variety of items

Although you are a superhero with unbeatable strength, you can still shop many of your favorite weapons and gadgets in the stores. From guns, costumes, hairstyles… All services will be provided extremely fully. As long as you have money and unlock conditions, you can enjoy everything. A superhero saving the world doesn’t mean all services are free. Money is received from the combat missions that you have to deal with. And if you’re not interested, keep going. This is your world, and no one can forbid you from doing anything.

Dollar hero mod free

Move-in a normal way

If you are tired of flying in the sky, buying a vehicle to move on the ground yourself is also very fun. Own a lot of different supercars. Or even airplanes, fire trucks, tanks… Any vehicle can be driven in the city by superheroes. Or even if you like, you can control your own giant robot. The robot not only has high speed, but its damage is also undisputed. Very suitable for performing multiple missions against many enemies at the same time. At that time, the robot will exert a lot of necessary power. It’s an interesting experience that surpasses that of a real superhero.

Dollar hero mod apk

Beyond the size of a city

Las Vegas is the main setting of Dollar hero, but the missions will be scattered worldwide. If you have reached enough levels or completed many missions, you have many chances to fight with many transnational gangs. From Japan, China to Canada… Many different countries will target superheroes. You need to have resilient bravery. The rest will all focus on your strength. The variety of missions and the size of countries will also lead to many interesting functions in the game that you cannot ignore.

Dollar hero mod apk free

Compared to the real superhero in the movies, Dollar hero depicts the superhero’s cause according to your own personality. Your actions and thoughts will determine who a superhero is. But whatever the outcome, it’s your own choice. Have fun playing the game and play as the superhero you’ve always dreamed of. Dollar hero mod is the right place for you to make that happen.

Download Dollar hero: Grand Vegas Police MOD APK (Unlimited skills, mana) for Android

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