Kingdom Defense: Idle TD game MOD APK (Unlimited money, exp) 1.0.5

Updated on 08/07/2022 (10 months ago)
NameKingdom Defense: Idle TD game APK
PublisherRocket Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, exp
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Kingdom Defense: Idle TD game MOD APK Infomation

Increase as you spend.

Kingdom Defense: Idle TD game will allow you to return to the medieval past. In front of strongholds and mighty armies, you will play the role of a monarch. However, that empire is in danger from the onslaught of enemies and vicious bosses. They rushed forward to knock down the towers and take the throne. Before the onslaught of attacks, what plan did you have to fight? Will your empire fall from here or continue to prosper? It is you who will decide the fate of the kingdom. Gather famous warriors and the ultimate weapons to defend your stronghold.

Kingdom Defense: Idle TD game is an RPG that combines tower defense and large-scale combat. Immediately after its launch, the game gained popularity quickly. In particular, those who love the AFK defense genre will not be able to ignore Kingdom Defense. Looking at the title “Idle TD game,” we know this is a game that does not take much time and energy. Without holding your phone in your hand all day, you can win too. Because even when you leave the keyboard, the matches continue.

Download Kingdom Defense: Idle TD game mod – Defend the throne

Kingdom Defense: Idle TD game will bring dramatic battles from two sides of the tower. To protect the throne, you need to keep the stronghold. Don’t let the enemy get close or infiltrate your empire. Once they have sneaked in, the consequences will be dire. Destroy them as soon as they appear in the distance. Talented heroes and a team of archers will be your effective partners in the confrontations to protect this land.

Kingdom Defense Idle TD game apk 1

Build a team of heroes

Kingdom Defense offers a large warrior force with more than 50 legendary heroes. Each individual has unique abilities waiting for you to discover. For example, they can deal massive damage or wield warrior-gathering magic. Your job is to find and summon them and assemble them into a mighty team that makes the opponent terrified every time they have to face them. The strength of the heroes is the key to defeating the most influential leaders. Using warriors wisely in strategies will be the decisive factor in protecting your throne.

Kingdom Defense Idle TD game mod 1

Archery training

Besides the heroes with outstanding strength, you also own a team of extremely quality archers. They will be an effective support force when the opponent comes in large numbers. Standing from the tower, sharp arrows will be shot directly at the enemy by archers. This helps destroy the invaders from afar, not giving them a chance to reach the castle. At the same time, they also possess a lot of crowd control that can be used to neutralize the opponent. In addition, the fact that the archers destroy all the monsters and small soldiers will help the heroes focus their strength on defeating the big and cunning bosses.

Collect legendary weapons

To win the battle, you need to improve the ability and fighting strength of the hero squad. So help them collect weapons. It can be a golden sword, a bow with special arrows, or unique armour. With each enemy and particular situation, it is necessary to use the weapons accordingly. These items can be obtained through offline rewards or post-match rewards. So try to defeat every enemy that comes to your kingdom to win. Accumulating valuable arsenals will help heroes become braver when fighting. At the same time, it also creates your hobby of collecting.

Kingdom Defense Idle TD game mod apk 1

Defeat brutal bosses

Evil bosses often take the form of giant beasts. This greatly hinders the defense of the citadel. If soldiers or tiny monsters could be destroyed by an archer or a warrior’s attack, the leaders demanded more. Before each confrontation, choose the right heroes and weapons to fight each boss. Sometimes it takes the coordination of many heroes to bring them down. Must continuously attack and deal critical hits until their combat power is 100% to 0%. You can monitor this indicator on the screen. Do not be hit by the boss’s blows because their power is also very respectable.

Kingdom Defense Idle TD game android 1

The unpredictable variations of confrontations in the Kingdom Defense – Idle TD game will make you excited every time you fight. As a monarch, try to gather heroes and accumulate weapons as much as possible. Because your national strength lies in your fighting ability. Must prove to the monsters who are the master of this country. Don’t forget to take advantage of AFK mode to save time for each game. Download Kingdom Defense – Idle TD game mod and experience epic skirmishes.

Download Kingdom Defense: Idle TD game MOD APK (Unlimited money, exp) for Android

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