Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter MOD APK 1.06 (Unlimited money)

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NameGalaxy Squad: Alien Shooter APK
PublisherMind Blast Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter fights against spaceships with bad intentions. You will play as a cosmic hero who saves space. Control your spaceship to bombard, and destroy the ships attacking you. The number of enemies will increase gradually. You will have to be more and more careful because their level of danger will increase. Just a little carelessness, you will be quickly destroyed by them. So let’s adventure and fight in fiery space wars in Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter.

Space is facing many threats from aliens. They have bad intentions to take over the entire universe as a hero with a mission to protect the universe. Show your courage and wisdom to complete the assigned tasks. On this journey, there will be many ups and downs. Get on board and start your journey. Try to overcome all to bring peace to your universe.

Galaxy Squad Alien Shooter mod

Download Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter mod – Shoot down spaceships

At Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter, you are responsible for protecting this universe. With many battleships flying in the sky, you will have to confront the enemy ships to shoot them down directly. Enemies will attack you relentlessly. Giant spaceships are always trying to shoot bullets at you continuously. Use your creative dodging skills to avoid getting hit by bullets. Try to identify your targets and bombard them to prevent the risk of them getting too close to you. Stop the plot of the bad guys at Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter.

Galaxy Squad Alien Shooter apk

Collect items

After the battle, there will be a lot of items appearing for you. The highly diverse trophies are considered a reward for your efforts. Those items will give you advantages in later missions, such as healing, the ability to increase protective shields, etc. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible to receive items with this value. The bosses are the most fearsome opponents of each level you will have to confront. Their lifespan and fighting ability will be longer. Use your skills if you don’t want to be hit by them.

Galaxy Squad Alien Shooter mod apk

The mission is very diverse.

There will be many different missions for you to experience at Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter. With the number of levels up to more than 200 levels. The tasks are evenly spread from easy to difficult to bring you a feeling of full of suspense and excitement. Show your excellent dodging and aiming skills to complete the levels well. Note that when you kill the enemy, there will be a lot of items you can get. However, the things you get will increase when you defeat the Final Boss. The rewards you can get after completing the missions can be gold coins, combat weapons like armor, guns, and cannons.

Galaxy Squad Alien Shooter android

Spectacular shooting scenes

Exciting, exciting, and dramatic combat events will occur at Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter. The battles in the universe with terrible destructive power will make your struggle even more dramatic. Try to bombard, and aim accurately to be able to defeat the opponent quickly. Your ability to aim and shoot will be challenged from easy to complex levels. Show off your shooting skills to everyone’s admiration. Use and combine weapons to win.

Collect items

Every day there will be an exciting task assigned to you. You will be responsible for completing the assigned work for the day in the best way. Besides, the lucky wheel is also a way to help you get rewards or gems every day. Collecting coins and gems will also give you the condition to upgrade your ship to be able to fight on the cosmic battlefield. The game will provide you with one vs. 1 and 1 vs. three battles. Finally, equip your spaceship with the latest and most advanced equipment possible.

Galaxy Squad Alien Shooter apk free

An addictive shooting space only available at Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter. Entering the battle, you will not tolerate anyone being able to win. The fierce battles between spaceships to find the ruler of space. Try to fight hard to fulfill your mission to protect the universe. Smash the evil plots of the wicked. The universe sends out a distress signal. Now get on your ship and conquer to bring peace to the universe. Download Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter mod to become a hero to save the universe.

Download Galaxy Squad: Alien Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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