Monster Rush: Strategy TD war MOD APK 2.0 (Free upgrade)

Updated on 12/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMonster Rush: Strategy TD war APK
PublisherKoco Games Inc
MOD FeaturesFree upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Free Upgrade
2. Instant Upgrade dosn`t cost Gems

The campaign to destroy the monster team is officially deployed in the game Monster Rush: Strategy TD war. Resurrected zombies combine with evil monsters. They are intent on destroying your historic Castles and your team of heroes. This tower defense game needs you to form the most powerful team of heroes. Stand in front as a shield to protect castles from the claws of monsters. Use and combine all the skills you have, such as slash, kill, smash and burn to make the enemies in front of you turn their heads in terror. Players need to come up with bold strategies but still be careful so that the strength of the army is not inferior.

Players should collect a team of support pets to increase their strength in this fight. Fight hard with all your might in this consecutive level battle. Although it is a battle for survival, the game brings a fun style. For each enemy that falls, you have more points to bring back your loot. On your side, there is a rampart erected, and on the enemy side, there is also a wall. To the left is your army standing in front of the ivory-white wall. On the right hand side, there is a red wall of monsters. Destroy the entire army of monsters and destroy the stronghold in that you have succeeded.

Monster Rush Strategy TD war mod

Download Monster Rush: Strategy TD war mod – Rule the defense against hordes of monsters

You have a set of squares containing representative images of the heroes of your team. Depending on the hero’s strength, it’s worth a different number of thighs. This number of thighs increases gradually as the battle progresses and you attack the monster. Just tap the monster avatar you want to join the fight. Then drag and drop into the battle area, and there will be that hero appearing to participate in the battle. It goes on like that until the war is over. Passing a certain number of levels, players can unlock more squares to bring more generals into the battle. Make a correct judgment in hero selection.

More than 15 heroes

Monster Rush: Strategy TD war offers a diverse team of heroes with more than 15 members. Called heroes, their appearance is a combination of many animals. These heroes need to be unlocked by you through each different level. The pink bunny wears a brown jumpsuit and holds a sword of the same color. Or the half-human, half-beast hero with green slicked back hair. The wild boar has a bright yellow buffalo horn hat. Or the rat is the archer hero when holding a brown bow. There is also a hare with muscular muscles, a mask made of bronze, a sword, and an iron shield in his hand.

Monster Rush Strategy TD war mod apk

Hero upgrade

Although the army of heroes is diverse and crowded. But if they just stop at such a basic strength, how many levels can they pass? Therefore, besides training their skills, players need to upgrade their heroes. To take their power to a new level, each attack causes the enemy to lose a lot of health. To upgrade the heroes, you need to use the gold coins and the rewards you get after each victory. Only then, when encountering stronger monsters, will players not falter. The higher the attack power, the faster the game plays out.

Monster Rush Strategy TD war apk free

More than 100 levels

Monster Rush: Strategy TD war is a level game, each level has a different requirement and challenge. Adventure through the levels to be able to explore many different locations. In addition to this basic team of monsters, there are always violent bosses behind the scenes. Until a special level, when your strength has stabilized and increased significantly. Players can encounter bosses and his advanced army. With the support of the army plus the violent power of the boss. If you do not come up with a smart strategy, it is completely possible to lose if you confront them.

Monster Rush Strategy TD war android

The terrain changes and the weather here is constantly changing. The four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter are all there, accompanied by rain and storms if necessary. The stronghold must be defended against invasions, or it will be destroyed. In addition, the team of enemies facing you is also extremely diverse. From the mutant monsters, the whole body was red with bloodshot eyes. There is also the help of a team of living zombies, white skeletons,… Download Monster Rush: Strategy TD war mod explores the battle against a team of zombies and monsters.

Download Monster Rush: Strategy TD war MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android

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