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Updated 01/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameCookies TD APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Cookies TD

Cookies TD is simple and easy to play the game that is suitable for everyone. The game has quite interesting and special gameplay. Give players the ability to think logically to be able to easily pass the levels. It can make you feel more enjoyable during boring times. Motivates you to think logically to defeat your enemies Your mission is to destroy the enemies so that they cannot break into your base. Cookies TD is very similar to games Plants vs. games. Zombies FREE. Combat play style to protect your home from enemies. Avoid letting cookie enemies take away secret recipes.

Unlike zombies, the enemies of the game Cookies TD have a form that is not scary but very funny. Enemies of different sizes are like biscuits. They try to be able to break into your home treasure. You need to be very wise to choose weapons to destroy those funny enemies. PIXELCUBE STUDIOS is the publisher of this game. Cookies TD is really a great game to relax in the spare time. The game gives the player a cool and charismatic feeling every time the cookie enemy comes close to the treasure. Your treasure is a secret recipe paper.

Cookies TD 1

Cookies TD mod version

  • Unlimited money. (Money increases with spending)

Download Cookies TD Mod – Protect secret treasures

With the special interest of users, Cookies TD has really succeeded when it has a player count of over one hundred thousand people. That remarkable success is not too surprising. Because Cookies TD is a very rewarding game. Play as someone who is protecting secret recipes from enemies of cookie. You always have to consider when to place the weapon or which position is most appropriate. Very interesting is not it! Just helping the player entertain but also creating logic for the player, great, right? So please download Cookies TD and experience it!

Cookies TD apk

Funny characters

The game has no role-playing character, but you are someone who is protecting your own secret recipe treasure. By placing weapons to destroy cookie enemies, avoid stolen secret recipes. Cookie enemies will constantly attack you, you need to kill the enemy in the first place. Increasingly, they will become stronger, there will be more and more tall people, even wearing armour to fight. The enemy characters, although the graphics are not too invested, they create a very interesting feeling. They look small but they are also very agile, if you place the wrong weapon, you will easily be stolen by these lovely enemies.

Cookies TD free

Equipped with strange weapons

New weapons such as cookie shooters, ice cream guns or many other weapons. Completely different from the weapons that we often think of when it comes to them. Weapons will be automatically fired when an enemy comes close in a certain range, depending on the weapon. Or should also pay attention to how far the weapon has a range of fire, or bullets will continue to fire after how much time. That is very important to be able to win. Because the enemy did not die easily, they had to shoot a few times to die. Therefore, weapons are also a significant factor in the victory of the enemy. Consideration should be given to the firing range and firing power of the weapon.

Cookies TD download 1

Rewards of destroying the enemy

Each time you destroy a baby cookie, the player will get a reward for cookies. Part biscuits, players can use to equip more weapons, defeat the cookie names. Upgrade more and place more weapons, because the number of enemies cookies is very crowded and strong. Therefore, players need to destroy the enemy, successfully protect their treasure. And at the same time also accumulate more biscuits to be able to prepare upgrades and other advanced weapons. Use the ability to observe to set weapons to correct and keep the enemy from going deep. However, you should pay attention, because the more you level up, the more powerful the enemy will become.

A game that helps the player to relax, and also helps the player to have logical thinking. TD cookies are worth it for everyone to try out once. Although she says fighting with the enemy, it is not too violent, but very attractive. Your enemies are funny but equally healthy cookie people. If you do not know how to arrange weapons properly, you will most likely fail and be robbed of secret recipes by these lovely enemies. So be careful to put the weapon in the position where you analyze it for the best. Download Cookies TD and meet cookie enemies to see how strong they are!

How to Download & Install Cookies TD MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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