Inflation RPG MOD APK 1.7.2 (High damage/Max HP)

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NameInflation RPG APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesHigh damage/Max HP
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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What if you could evolve to a higher level with Inflation RPG? Will your enemies tremble when they realize the terrible potential you can carry? Accumulate all the essential knowledge about magic and weapons. Use them to create rich sources of power. Total victory in wars of large scale and high strength difference. Rescue all the innocent people from the evil forces ravaging the world. Be a savior hero with incomparable feats.

Upgrading and advancing are nothing new for role-playing games anymore. This is the feature for everyone to recognize this exciting gameplay. In it, Inflation RPG has completed a legendary fantasy world for you. Heroes save the world and create miracles like in the books. But it’s not just about boring things. It also makes you sweat with the conditions created. It isn’t easy to develop quickly and easily because it takes effort and knowledge.

Inflation RPG mod

Download Inflation RPG mod – Be stronger to win them all

Like the other games, you’ll start as a hero who doesn’t have anything yet. We will find the essential characters to receive the first quests. Also, get some starting equipment to be able to complete it. You will gradually build your ability by defeating opponents. Collect more money to buy better equipment through merchants. Hunt for great treasures from the forbidden territories of the ancient powers. We will always find better and conquer significant challenges. A simple push of a button will lead you to the vast lands of the knightly era.


The essential thing for heroes in big adventures is their equipment. A complete Inflation RPG equipment will include weapons, armor, and other jewelry. The biggest attack booster is the hero’s weapon. They have higher stats, and the higher the rarity of the described weapon. Armor will contribute a considerable amount of defense for you. The jewels will only add a few extra stats for you to perfect yourself. We need more powerful weapons with each chapter to keep up with the demand. Probe the enemy to see if you are capable of facing them.

Inflation RPG mod apk

Defeat the lords

The rulers of the lands and the terror of all the commoners were the lords. No one has ever defeated them because their ability is so terrible. So when you’re about to complete a chapter, you’ll unlock a storyline that confronts them. We will have to step up the search for more powerful weapons. But that will not be enough because your strength also needs to be accompanied by skills. We will have to move very skillfully to avoid being attacked. Preserve HP not to be destroyed quickly at the hands of bosses. Or you can build yourself to be superior to compensate for the skill.

Inflation RPG mod free


Your position in the game is of paramount concern to anyone participating. Are you the one to finish this game in the fastest time? Or the one who possesses the most terrible power that no one has been able to overcome? All your progress is aggregated and added to the list. Thus, it is easy to see your position and the striving to reach the top in the Inflation RPG mod.

Download Inflation RPG MOD APK (High damage/Max HP) for Android

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