Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age MOD APK 0.5 (Menu, God mode/Onehit/Moves)

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NameViking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age APK
PublisherShiba Interactive Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Onehit/Moves
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age is a battle simulation game combined with convincing action gameplay. It is a type of game built by Shiba Interactive Games. The game is inspired by the plot of extremely sacred holy trees that are in danger of disappearing. The player’s task is to keep the tree alive. Because that was the origin of Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil here means a giant tree linked to the nine worlds in space. Players need to collect items to build a village. Offer tactical gameplay to eliminate youkai and successfully defend the Holy Tree.

Carrying the responsibility of a Viking, a mighty warrior, and also an adventurer. Collect and design weapons. Constantly crafting all kinds of armor. The game opens up a new sky with a variety of unique creatures. The fascinating natural landscape and a wide range of free-to-play attack and defense action. A bit of note is that the weapon will disappear after it expires. And players need to use other equipment instead. Turn resources and hard-to-find items to upgrade the base and defense of the village. Download Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age to experience your own experience.

Viking Kingdom Ragnarok Age mod

Download Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age mod – become a mighty warrior to save the world

In Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age, players will face countless monsters of many different shapes. They always aim for the holy tree to destroy them and attack your base. And your great responsibility is to destroy them, protect the Holy tree. Moreover, after each monster sweep, you will get your experience back. Accumulate gold coins. Besides, it is also upgraded to add more health, strength, and flexibility to your character. After you are strong enough, don’t forget to build your base. Building and upgrading your base will help you maximize your defense. And it also supports you while fighting the enemy.

Viking Kingdom Ragnarok Age apk

Immerse yourself in the endless adventure

Carrying a noble position, and a great responsibility, the warriors participate in life-and-death battles. Through each wave of infinite total attacks, you need to survive to protect the Holy tree. Because they are really important to the villagers and to yourself. Transport methods are relatively easy for players. This will be considered a strength to help you understand the character. During the battle, of course, players will encounter attractive frames. Enemies appear full of magic, magic. Each battle gives users a new and exciting feeling. It’s like going on an endless adventure journey.

Viking Kingdom Ragnarok Age mod apk

Powerful combat skills

When participating in Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age, the most important thing is the ability to survive after each match. At each level, you will experience many different difficulties. And, of course, the truth is that your enemies will be stronger. Therefore, you need to accumulate the necessary skills after each match. Collect the last gold coins. After each level, the player will gain strength, accumulate passive, and increase the damage rate. You need to come up with a clear strategy for yourself. Improve your character through advanced tools and weapons. In addition, the player can use two moves to cause damage to the enemy. It is the vortex of character protection and the help of wolves.

Viking Kingdom Ragnarok Age android

Expansion of bases and territories

Build your own unique base. Make use of all the materials the player encounters during the adventure. Wood and stone are two important items for building ramparts. Build sturdy structures that can support you in times of need. Metal workshops, and iron smithies, are the places where you get weapons, armor, food, and medicine. In addition, you need to create a strong, strong rear army. Build a variety of towers with different fighting styles to preserve the Holy tree. Upgrade towers and buildings to make the most of your defensive play.

Viking Kingdom Ragnarok Age apk free

Players are dropped into large areas in an open world. It includes countless lush green fields, new lands, snowy hills, rocky landscapes, and much more. The perfect combination of attractive low-poly 3D graphics, along with addictive sounds. The way to build a unique character image with different effects makes the battle scene extremely realistic. Enjoy all the warrior beauty combined with the stunning scenery! A strange new world seemed to be gathered in sight. Download Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age mod to become a great warrior, fight the enemy, and protect the territory.

Download Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit/Moves) for Android

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