The Legend of Neverland MOD APK (Menu, MoveSpeedMult) 1.17.23090111

Updated 05/09/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NameThe Legend of Neverland APK
PublisherGameArk Global
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, MoveSpeedMult
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce The Legend of Neverland MOD APK

An adventure of The Legend of Neverland is sure to heal your soul. Enter a world where miracles are everywhere. Transform into adventurers with powerful abilities flowing through their veins. Conquer tough challenges and discover new things ahead. Face fearsome enemies who plot to destroy the peace of the world. Many valuable rewards are waiting for you to collect for yourself. Enjoy unlimited fun every day with amazing things waiting.

The Legend of Neverland is a product from a developer called GameArk with an international branch. This is an open-world role-playing game with a lot of investment in quality. Realistically reproduced 3D images with smooth and fast movements. The sound is simulated to resemble nature for the best noises. Although the overall is still not equal to Genshin Impact, in return, it has a fairly light capacity. Suitable for many objects with not too high and expensive equipment configuration. The game will also give us an extremely engaging storyline.

The Legend of Neverland mod

Download The Legend of Neverland mod – Explore the vast magical world

The first step to starting your journey is to choose the desired character. There are quite a few customizations for you to transform according to your preferences freely. After making changes, the game will take you to your story. Here you will start completing the tasks listed on the list. These quests will help you gain rewards and experience to level up. When fighting, players will have to combine moves and attack buttons. Along with that is using the character’s skills to make the enemy suffer many disadvantages. Play smart to get the most out of everything you do.

The Legend of Neverland mod free

Strong character

When playing, we can freely choose between four different character classes. These characters will include the roles of Swordsman, Ranger, Scholar, Craftsman. Swordsman has excellent melee combat with swords and deals a lot of damage in a short time. Ranger can attack from long range and negotiate a constant amount of damage. The scholar is a role that can use powerful magic. Effects from magic attacks will put enemies at a disadvantage. Finally, Craftsman with creative skills will provide him with highly annoying traps. The enemy will not be able to know what is in his mind.

Friendly Companion

Traveling alone will encounter many dangers that can be life-threatening. But finding a companion will make the trip easier. Those are flower fairies born from magical flowers with unique abilities. The fairies will be divided into five different types of attributes in nature. These attributes include water, fire, nature, light, and darkness for you to distinguish. These attributes will provide specific stats such as an attack, defense, speed, or recovery. The power of the flower fairies will also be divided according to the qualities they possess. The higher the rarity, the greater the potential, for sure.

The Legend of Neverland mod apk

Collect equipment

Equipment is an essential factor to help us increase our strength. Equipment is also divided by rarity with different development potential. A complete set of equipment will include shoes, hats, weapons, gloves, and armor. In addition, there are also a few pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces or rings, to use. The greater the power of this equipment, the higher your fighting power. Do not forget that the flower spirits also need to have the same equipment as the character. You can find the equipment you need by completing quests. Can kill monsters or find in mysterious treasure chests is also possible.

The Legend of Neverland mod android

Cute pet

When traveling by jogging, it will take a lot of time to get to the place you need. Instead, you can find an excellent mount for yourself to speed up. When you complete the starting missions, you will receive new support. Collecting rides will directly add stats for you to become stronger. You can evolve it to unlock even more powerful mounts. Use your resources to make these upgrades. You will also see many new things when playing The Legend of Neverland mod.

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