Chronicles of Edimer MOD APK (Menu, Damage Multiplier/Defense Multiplier/God Mode) 0.0.6

Updated 01/03/2023 (9 months ago)
NameChronicles of Edimer APK
PublisherDouble Dice Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage Multiplier/Defense Multiplier/God Mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Chronicles of Edimer

Explore the limits of combat before the challenge with your heroes in Chronicles of Edimer. The world of humanity has been linked to two mysterious parallel worlds in outer space. And while everyone still didn’t understand what was happening to the world, disaster struck. Monsters continuously crawled out from the junction and destroyed the human environment. So humanity must organize against the invasion and bring the world back to orbit. Together they will create heroes who can protect all and destroy monsters. Create your powerful hero force and fight against the dark land.

Humans encountered a problem when monsters attacked their world. They emerge from the connection point with the two worlds beyond the universe and carry the dungeon’s power. But humanity can create heroes and will fight against the forces of darkness. The monsters, even ferocious, will still have to fail before the consensus of the hero party. However, their journey is not only to destroy monsters but also to find out the mystery. Heroes must discover the reason behind the monster’s appearance and cure the world. Raise the power of the human world hero and quickly destroy the beast.

Chronicles of Edimer android

Download Chronicles of Edimer mod – Fight against attacking monsters

Humanity encountered the invasion of the forces of darkness when they appeared at the world’s edge. They come out from the portal that connects the monster world and perform acts of destruction on humans. The lands of darkness also expanded from there to the world and assimilated people. All their heinous acts have only one purpose: to destroy human life. However, no matter what, humanity still wants to protect the world from monsters. They have a chance to create battle heroes, which is humanity’s hope. Join the training of powerful heroes and win the battle of survival against monsters.

Chronicles of Edimer mod apk

Monster incident

The monsters could teleport to the human world through the connection between worlds. And humanity has since become subject to being hunted by demons and becoming slaves. Hopes of repelling monsters were also dashed when they repeatedly appeared before humans. The land of darkness that nurtured monsters also expanded from there and spilt over into the world. The bosses behind them are about to achieve their goal of controlling people, and they are increasingly attacking. So this world needs hope to continue fighting the monsters that appear. Search for heroes in the human world and fight against the monster attack incident.

Chronicles of Edimer free

Hero connection

You have become someone who believes in humanity when you can connect with the hero. Everyone in the world is counting on heroes to appear and repel monsters. In this battle, you will join them to advance to where monsters invade the planet. The wars between heroes and monsters also broke out from there and would be catastrophic. One side is a heroic force that believes in destroying monsters to protect humanity. The invaders are cruel monsters who want to assimilate all creatures. Discover the human hero’s skill chain and quickly use the monster slaying power.

Chronicles of Edimer apk

Defeat all monsters

You receive the honour of joining the heroes of humanity in the war against monsters. They are all creatures that live in endless dungeons and will be difficult to destroy. Their cruelty is also nurtured in the jail, and you must persevere in destroying. Monster enemies will also split into waves that attack you and heroes that defend. So it would be best if you worked with your hero team to find a way to prevent them from attacking together. The most important goal was to destroy the dungeon that led monsters to the human world. Destroy the monsters that stand in the hero’s way and find a way to beat the dungeon that feeds the monsters.

Chronicles of Edimer mod

The monster attack incident almost extinguished the hope of people in the world. But the heroes have connected with you and decided to fight the monsters with humanity. And their arrival at the right time gave the world time to accumulate forces. You will now bond with the strongest of the world and venture into the dungeon. You must win every confrontation with the monster to complete the protection goal. Destroying the dungeons that spawn them is the best way to prevent nightmares from continuing to invade. Download Chronicles of Edimer mod to protect the world with heroes from monster events.

How to Download & Install Chronicles of Edimer MOD APK (Menu, Damage Multiplier/Defense Multiplier/God Mode) for Android


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