Idle Life Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.4

Updated on 01/12/2022 (4 months ago)
NameIdle Life Tycoon APK
PublisherMount Gaming Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Idle Life Tycoon is a real-life simulation game. If you are an investment lover, this game is not to be missed. Start a race, then run fast to beat other opponents in the ring. You will be the fastest in this fun running game with your favorite horse. A thrilling experience of racing adventures. A place where you have to dodge unexpected and unexpected obstacles. Then quickly accelerate to take 1st place in the battle. Sensational struggles of horse racing in different environments and terrains.

Competing in races is essential to becoming rich in Idle Life Tycoon. Both you and the other players share a glorious common goal. That is to finish first and become the champion in the largest horse race in the country. Then, start the race, run fast to defeat other enemies quickly with the beloved horse in the thrilling game to every race. You will enjoy the fun games of their racing in the obstacles on the track. Compete fairly with other players and top the world rankings.
Idle Life Tycoon mod

Download Idle Life Tycoon MOD – Horse racing and idle life

To bring entertainment and laughter to everyone, the racecourse was born. This show offers a show of dangerous jumping horses. Or games that run continuously and the world race against each other. Join now and enjoy this fascinating horse racing game and become a pro. Idle Life Tycoon is suitable for players of all ages with work and sedentary life. Packed with many remarkable gameplay and features related to horses and unicorns. Does not require continuous pressing like popular clicker games. Simply the best horses in a realistic simulation world.
Idle Life Tycoon android

Collect resources

If you love tycoon games and making money, this is a suitable game for you. Idle Life Tycoon is built with a realistic simulation of the life of a money investor. A hero full of idleness still earns a lot of money in life. Are you ready to become a capitalist millionaire with cunning blood-sucking tricks? This process aims to build the highest gold and silver resources. But at the same time, being as productive and idle as possible. With the income that you earn from here, you will use it to pay for the manager and the training.
Idle Life Tycoon apk free

What is different from other idle investment games is that you can become a capitalist by managing the money. But your jobs require not too much but simply participating in intense races. Then you can build a millionaire empire and make money by optimizing the mining process. So try this game, and Idle Life Tycoon will give you the most exciting experience.

Selection of interesting horses

To create a variety of colors and images for players. The developer has given you a choice between many different prints and colors. Dear ponies will be considered to choose between colors. Or more advanced in terms of types, characteristics… to bring more money. They are machines that work day and night to bring you profits. So take good care of them and don’t cheat.
Idle Life Tycoon mod apk

Many different races

As an investor, you must consider using your resources wisely. One of the suitable investments can be opening up different racetracks. Each racetrack has its features in terms of terrain, appearance, and many other stats. Please consider carefully where is the most suitable place to invest in your racing tracks. If you invest right, your life will go up like a tax function. Otherwise, it can be precarious like that graph of the sine function. Besides opening many horse racing camps, you can upgrade the quality of each place.
Idle Life Tycoon mod free

Overall, Idle Life Tycoon is an exciting entertainment game. It is especially suitable for those who want to kill time but do not have much free time. It is enough to join here from time to time and check how much money has been earned. It does not require top-notch fighting skills or investing too much effort in plowing. Idle Life Tycoon MOD is suitable for all ages and all professions. So try your best right here.

Download Idle Life Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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