Idle Hero Slayer MOD APK (Unlimited money, hearts, eyes) 1.0.06

Updated 04/12/2021 (3 years ago)
NameIdle Hero Slayer APK
PublisherSample games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, hearts, eyes
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Idle Hero Slayer MOD APK detail?

Increase when you spent

Introduce MOD APK Idle Hero Slayer

Fighting is a way for us to realize our inherent potential. So to be able to fulfill this wish, Idle Hero Slayer is the most suitable place. Giving you fantastic fighting abilities only in fantasy. Use it to protect your abode from hateful invaders. Conquer the most significant challenges with only powerful weapons to carry with you. Go deep into the most dangerous places to find yourself valuable loot.

Perhaps we already know the idle game genre that is being loved and chosen by many people. One of those genres is the Idle Hero Slayer game being introduced. It is designed in the form of pixel graphics, which is a bit old but never outdated. Ingenious operation mechanism, allowing players not to need to manipulate too much. Bring convenience to those who do not have too much leisure time. Happiness is the most important thing for you to enjoy.

Idle Hero Slayer mod

Download Idle Hero Slayer mod – Defeat all fearsome invaders

The owner of hell is you. Everything here works according to your purpose. But it is in danger of being destroyed by heroes. They are only willing to destroy everything and break the balance because of greed. To keep your territory protected, you will have to drive them out yourself. Take your sword and begin destroying anything that stands in your way. The character will automatically move to the enemy’s location and fight them. You need to make the necessary upgrades to make him stronger. Get enough strength to overcome tremendous challenges and earn more loot.

Idle Hero Slayer mod free

Collect warriors

You can change your character by collecting other destroyers. These warriors all have their combat characteristics and stats. Along with that are the beautifully designed and deadly looks. Use your resources to unlock your favorite characters. It would be best if you reached the required level to have a chance to own them. Once added to the collection, you can use it at any time. Together, go deep into the dungeon and slaughter all the targets you hate. Create variety and help you feel the heat of this battlefield. Own an army of unlimited strength.

Possession of equipment

If you want your heroes to be stronger, you need equipment to provide them. This equipment will include hats, armor, weapons, and jewelry. They will also be power tiered based on rarity and acquired attributes. High rarity items will add a lot of valuable stats to you. To make them stronger, you can proceed to forge to level up using your resources. The higher the level, the more stats are provided. Help the hero gain a large amount of combat power. Quickly cut off all the invaders in front of him. Open up the opportunity to go deeper into this dungeon.

Idle Hero Slayer mod apk

Complete mission

It can be seen that consuming resources is essential for upgrading characters and weapons. But it will only have a limit, and you need to get more so that you don’t become needy. Daily quests will give you a lot of valuable loot. Depending on the requested difficulty, the rewards will be obtained accordingly. Once completed, it will be counted down before refreshing again for the next time. So you can do it continuously every day to get more. Help your equipment as well as your character to maintain a stable leveling progress. Never lose the edge against any opponent.

Idle Hero Slayer mod android

Overcoming the sentinels

Little places, there are usually people on duty to protect and guard. But they are unlike any other you’ve met before. Their superior strength can be many times that of a regular enemy. Along with that, the enormous size and anomalous properties are displayed. Make anyone panic when facing them. But you are stronger than them and completely capable of destroying these guys. Constantly upgrading stats as well as attributes from equipment. They will indeed be cut into a hundred pieces under your merciless blade.

Download Idle Hero Slayer mod to be immersed in endless wars. Find yourself the most potent hell warriors.

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