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Updated 29/06/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameCasting Away APK
PublisherNexelon inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited runestones/Free rewards
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Casting Away

If you are a person with a passion for fishing, look to Casting Away. This is where your survival skills are maximized. Living is based on finding the biggest, strongest, and most delicious fish in the water. Your skills are shown from the selection of your tools. The ability to seize the moment and be quick will also be essential to success. It doesn’t sound straightforward, but if you get used to it, you will be attracted to it. So relax and find your inner enthusiasm effectively.

Simulating a perfect fishing session is what Casting Away gives us. A designed scene with still things creates perfection. You will be immersed in an ample space of nature. You can fish for yourself fish that you have never seen before. It is quite suitable for those who like to relax after a tiring day at work. A great time will be a particular medicine to create energy. Prove yourself as a professional fisherman defeating all opponents.

Casting Away mod

Download Casting Away mod – Catch the most significant fish as a trophy

You are a traveler on a flight back to your hometown. But the dark fate caused the storm to come and cause the plane to crash. You find yourself on a deserted island with nothing left when you wake up. But can not surrender to fate. Let’s catch fresh fish to help stop hunger. You will have a fishing rod good enough to do the hard work. You need to prepare the right bait and hook to catch the fish you want. The farther you cast the rod, the deeper you will be able to bring the hook down. Random fish will automatically get caught, and you need to pull up.

Upgrading fishing gear

Your fishing tools are the most important thing to get the results you want. Fishing gear will include three main parts: fishing rod, fishing line, and reeling machine to form a complete complex. Higher-level fishing rods will give you great power stats. The fishing line, when leveled up, will help you increase the length to drop the bait into deeper areas. Finally, a winding machine to help you improve the measurement as a percentage of the wire. It is necessary to balance the indicators between these three parts to get a complete set of fishing gear. Each upgrade will cost you more gems to be able to complete.

Casting Away mod free

Construction of works

Buildings are the best place for your upgrades to go smoothly. Specifically, you will have to build and upgrade these places to serve your sea trips. A farm is a place where resources such as stone and wood are produced continuously. Home is where you will rest to recharge after a tiring day. The shipyard is where your boat will be upgraded to a higher level.

Most importantly, the forgotten shrine was erected. It will help you increase the upgrade limit for your fishing gear. It is essential to collect many gems to avail these facilities grow better and faster day by day.

Casting Away mod apk

Fish Collection

The fish is the goal you need to achieve in each of your fishing trips. These fish are classified according to the number of stars and their rarity. The rarer the fish, the larger they are, and the more they live in deeper waters. Of course, to catch larger fish, two factors are needed: strength and length of fishing line. If the stats exceed the requirements, you can pull that fish up.

On the contrary, it will have to accept nothing if it is not enough. Completing your fish collection unlocks new achievements. Get more exciting rewards for yourself.

Casting Away mod android

Collect chests

The crates that are leftover from the accident often drift to your island. In these boxes, there are hidden random rewards. There are animals that you can bring back and keep on your farm. It could be gems or strange new lures stored in it. Sometimes they are the materials needed for crafting and building. Each time you set sail, you can only bring back a certain number of chests. To see what it will be and can create many benefits for myself. Explore the vast world of Casting Away mod for anglers.

How to Download & Install Casting Away MOD APK (Unlimited runestones/Free rewards) for Android


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