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Updated 23/12/2023 (2 months ago)
NameConduct THIS APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Free shopping
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Conduct THIS

Try solving railroad quizzes as a talent manager in Conduct THIS. You will be participating in a puzzle game involving action on the roads. However, those are not ordinary roads but will be train tracks. That was the route the carriages would run, but they had a severe problem. Trains will explode when they hit obstacles on the tracks. Or the density of the ships would cause their passage to be impeded and fail. Solve puzzles about passenger trains to become a talented manager.

You will enter a beautiful world and become the operator of the tracks. And moving on it are passenger trains to different stations around the world. However, there will be problems, and they will affect your trains. They will collide with objects on the track and cause severe disasters. Or when growing too fast, the carriages can crash into each other and destroy the train. So you have to race against time to solve puzzles and bring the train to a safe stop. Become a talented railway manager as you conquer railway puzzles.

Conduct THIS mod

Download Conduct THIS MOD APK – Manage and build safe train tracks

The world of trains is a land where trains are constantly moving. And with their lanes are the tracks they will launch at high speed. But what if they hit an obstacle while moving on the way out? The customers on it will be in danger, which can happen anytime. So when you become the manager of the tracks and carriages, you cannot let them happen. And you must command the ships and redirect them to avoid catastrophic collisions. Explore the puzzle challenges and the training world you are honoured to enter.

Conduct THIS android

Start the trains

You will be a railway manager and the driver of exciting trains. And the place you enter is a beautiful world with mysteries that need to be discovered by you. You will then earn well-deserved rewards for completing the control challenges. However, what you have to do is successfully transport the passengers to the safe stops. They are on the train you control, so you must be careful during the warm-ups. And you need to beware of the obstacles on the track and find ways to solve them. Command your train to move on the tracks to transport passengers Co.nduct THIS MOD APK.

Conduct THIS free

Run the roads

Trains that you control will travel on fixed tracks. And as a manager, you must find a way to expand your railway chain. Then you can have the world’s fastest and most comprehensive passenger line. You will also unlock new types of trains and run them on your tracks. However, then you will face the challenge of train cars that can collide with each other when moving. So you must pay attention to the trips and switch tracks between trains when necessary. Conquer the challenge of operating railway sections to avoid collisions between trains.

Conduct THIS mod apk

Win all prizes

You were the operator of the trains transporting passengers by train cars. And they will move on the railway tracks that you build in this world. At the beginning of the trip, you will pick up passengers at the stops and take them to the required location. So now you have become a train driver and need to take care of their safety when travelling. You need to pay attention to the tracks and consider the possibility of collisions with other trains. This tests your ability to observe as well as your ability to change the track smoothly. Show your talent in safely transporting passengers to their destination and receive excellent prizes.

Conduct THIS apk

To be the manager of the trains will be a great honour that you have. So it would be best if you found a way to operate them smoothly to carry passengers around. But you need to pay attention to their safety and beware of obstacles that appear. Trains will likely crash into each other, and you need to divert them with the rails; along with taking care of the carriages, you need to expand your rail system. This will make you the world’s fastest customer shipping industry leader. Download Conduct THIS MOD APK to conquer train control puzzles that transport passengers safely.

How to Download & Install Conduct THIS MOD APK (Unlimited money/Free shopping) for Android


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