Idle Army MOD APK 14.0.3 (Dumb Enemy, no ADS)

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NameIdle Army APK
Publisher8SEC Games
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemy, no ADS
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Train an army of yours and fight against enemy soldiers in the game Idle Army. The most potent military base is named after your command, and you must manage that army. You are the captain who leads your hero and confronts the enemy who advances to attack. They will use all their power to overflow and move towards you. You need to merge the heroes you have so that they become more robust and help defeat the attacker. Get ready for enemy battles and fend off waves of enemies. Discover rookies who want to join your battle ranks and learn how to organize an army.

The army you create is facing thousands of enemies rushing to attack. You have to train them with military missions so that the heroes in the army are strong. The combat skills of heroes can be increased after each confrontation. The enemy will help you train your tactics to destroy the opponent effectively. Train your troops and unite them so they can learn to fight and support each other. Situations where large numbers of enemies advance will be the best test. Perform military training exercises and organize an army against all enemy soldiers.

Idle Army android

Download Idle Army mod – Develop a fighting army

The soldiers in the army you organize are standing in front of the battle line with the enemy. They are the forces sent by the enemy army and intended to destroy you and the army. It would help if you won each of their attacks to protect yourself and your troops. Victory unlocks your rewards so you can recruit more troops to the squad. You can also increase the number of soldiers in your army by winning many victories. Upgrade your troops by uniting them in battles against the enemies ahead. Defend your territory against the line of victory and repel all attacking enemies.

Idle Army apk

Victory boundary

Your soldiers, although newly recruited by you, are courageous. They are ready to help you guard the line where the enemy is constantly advancing to attack. The line between them and the enemy was thin, and they could be defeated. If the enemy crosses that line, your danger is very significant. So they are ready to guard there and use all their weapons in combat. The advancing enemies will soon be destroyed by your soldiers using each gun to destroy. Or some soldiers use bombs and throw them at them to deal the most damage.

Idle Army free

Upgrading soldiers

Your troops are the main factor that determines your survival against attacking enemies. The more soldiers you recruit to join your army, the more force you have. The soldiers appearing in the army make your army larger and make it easier to destroy the enemy. The growth of the army you own will also increase rapidly depending on the number of soldiers. You can train them with rewards from destroying waves of enemies. Soldiers who practice activities will help them achieve outstanding results and strength. Make policies to train and upgrade your troops as a commander.

Idle Army mod

Army unification

Your army will reach a particular strength as your soldiers get stronger. And your army will also be brutal to recruit more soldiers if you do not progress further. You can merge the members of your army to increase their strength. The soldiers you recruit more can merge and will become even stronger. Upgrade two soldiers using the same weapon so they can become stronger soldiers. Their battle stats will be shown by the number of stars on the top of the troops after merging. Create an army with the strongest soldiers reaching superior strength with the number of stars on top.

Idle Army mod apk

The enemy’s fighting force had advanced in great numbers, and they wanted to cross the line. Your army has been guarding there for a long time and has never let an enemy cross the line. Belief comes when you command the army to help them do it most efficiently. But the enemy is advancing like crazy, and you must devise a new strategy against them. You can recruit new generations of soldiers and upgrade them one by one after each victory. Merge the troops in your squad when you can’t refresh the army of soldiers. Download Idle Army mod to form an army that can continuously unite and defeat the enemy.

Download Idle Army MOD APK (Dumb Enemy, no ADS) for Android

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