Survival Defender MOD APK (High money/Onehit) 1.6.9

Updated on 19/12/2022 (3 months ago)
NameSurvival Defender APK
PublisherSolid Games Studio
MOD FeaturesHigh money/Onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Survival Defender is a game in a desolate and gloomy forest. But instead of a solid and solid castle you need to protect here are your barracks. After leaving her beloved mother and stepping into this haunted forest. You have to prepare mentally to deal with the formidable green demons. Your mother has already told you, you are mature enough, holding the family heirloom bow and arrow. Hit the road to join your jungle adventure journey. The journeys can be mixed with both gloom and danger and death. Enter the 3D world with details that can only exist in the imagination.

Survival Defender plays in a third-person perspective, living in a barracks made of wood in the damp forest. Every barracks will have a rampart area in front to stop the enemy. Inside the barracks, there were tents or small camps for soldiers to live through the day. Although life was difficult, the brothers in the camp were still united in one mind against the blue demons. Inside the barracks there was also a warehouse and a forge. It sells power-enhancing potions and a forge to create more epic bows and arrows. Survive the wave of demons and their accomplices waiting for the day to return to their homeland.

Survival Defender mod apk

Download Survival Defender mod – Defend the barracks from the wave of green demons

Play as an archer fighting alone, standing proudly in front of the barracks. Waves of blue demons, layer by layer, approach your barracks. They are intended to penetrate the defenses and turn your barracks into ruins. You can only stand in one place in the center of the rampart. Hand holding the bow. Touch any demon, your arrow will shoot to that enemy. The battle only ends when you kill all the monsters in front of you. Either you are killed by these demons, the defense of your barracks is destroyed. Everything breaks down, you will have to start the game from the beginning. Quickly kill the demons because they appear very quickly.

Survival Defender apk free

Defend the barracks

Starting the barracks defenses were just wooden sticks cut from this forest. They have no effect on stopping the footsteps or doing any harm to the demons. But after the first few games, you can upgrade the pillars in the barracks. Make them stronger with baked bricks. Or build more sharp pillars like the battle on Bach Dang river. You can also place flaming torches on the castle pillars. They will help you hinder the footsteps of the youkai. Extend time at critical times, so you have more conditions to destroy these ghosts. But under great destructive power, they could not hold the demons for too long.

Survival Defender android

Upgrade bows

The primary weapon that Survival Defender brings is the heirloom bow left by your mother. From a simple wooden bow upgraded to a gold-plated, silver-plated bow. Bowstrings are made of rare species. An upgraded appearance adds more stats to your bow. In addition, you can also win skill cards after each battle, like a fire arrow card, an ice arrow, or a poisoned arrow. There are also stronger skills such as rain of fire arrows, tornado arrows, … These cards bring mighty destructive power that can destroy an area of ​​green demons.

Survival Defender apk

Drink energy drinks

In Survival Defender’s store, there are several types of water with different colors for sale. Each medicine comes in three bottles of different sizes. Depending on the amount of cash that you spend on buying energy drinks, you will buy different bottles of medicine. Drink the red bottle to increase your HP by 30%. Helps you recover and add energy in times of exhaustion. The blue potion has the effect of increasing the power value by 20%. The arrows you shoot have more powerful destructive power. Instead of firing 2 or 3 arrows, the enemy dies. Just one arrow can completely defeat the enemy. And there are many more valuable potions.

Survival Defender mod

All the above options or skill cards are displayed in the bottom corner of the screen. Whenever there is an emergency need to use, you need to click on the icons there to be able to use them for the character. Skill cards can only be used once, and potions can be used many times in a prolonged battle. The scope also appears on the screen to assist you in aiming at the evil demons. They are also equipped with shields and various types of weapons. Download Survival Defender mod to join the defense of your barracks.

Download Survival Defender MOD APK (High money/Onehit) for Android

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