Squid FPS MOD APK 1.0.14 (Unlimited Money)

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NameSquid FPS APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Squid FPS is a first-person fighting game set in a famous movie. Players will control their character to fight a series of enemies on the game screen. You can use your bare hands to punch the enemy or other weapons. On the way in, the game screen will always appear with various weapons. It can be a sword for you to cut enemies, or it can be a powerful gun. And, of course, no enemy stands still in one position and waits for you to kill. When they detect you, they will not stop rushing to make you leave the game screen. Some snipers always point their guns at you.

A fighting game with basic operations is the standard way of playing many other games. Gamers will have the scroll button on the right side of the screen. As for the left, the player has two primary operations, swiping the screen to adjust the viewing angle. The other operation is the attack button; if there is no weapon, that button will be used to punch. With melee weapons, that button is used to slash, and if it is a gun, nothing but shoot bullets. Besides, there is also a tiny button located above the attack button. This button can be used to throw weapons at the enemy; the function is relatively new. Play Squid FPS and then combine those buttons and actions intelligently.

Squid FPS mod

Download Squid FPS mod – Squid game on your phone

The squid game sounds familiar; a series from Korea has now been included in the game. In this movie, the character has to participate in different games, deadly games. Through each game, the loser will be stopped by the game administrator by killing them. As time goes on, the number of players decreases to serve the purpose of finding the last survivor. There are candy-splitting games, red lights, tug of war, and squid games in the movie. Now, with Squid FPS, gamers will enjoy that movie, and they are the main character. The character that gamers control will wear a turquoise outfit like in the film. And there will be two main types of enemies; the first is those dressed in turquoise like you. The second enemy is the administrators, wearing red suits and always ready to shoot you. Other forces are game-based characters, always in kill mode.

Squid FPS apk

Various weapons

To help the player become the ultimate survivor, the game offers a lot of different weapons. The first weapon, your hand, I’m not mistaken, you can win with your bare hands. Combine your approach and deliver deadly punches. In terms of melee weapons, the player has another option, the sword. The slashes will make the enemy can do nothing but fall. Now come to the guns, and help the character destroy enemies from a distance. On your way, you may encounter pistols that can hold three bullets. Next is the AK gun, a popular weapon with 18 rounds in the ice. In addition, there are unique weapons, such as Money Gun, which shoot money bills. Remember the candy named Dalgona that appeared in the movie, which can be compressed towards the enemy.

Squid FPS mod apk

Many realistic battlefields

Besides bringing character costumes into the game, Squid FPS also sets up many battlefields. These battlefields all have similarities to the areas in the movie Squid Game. The first is the battlefield that takes place in the room of the squid game participants. This area is designed quite like in the movie when single beds are lined up against the wall. Next is the bridge area, which is also a Squid Game inspired terrain. In this area, the bridge has chopped sections, partly a bridge for players. The other parts of the bridge are the shooting positions of the game administrators. There is also a corridor area where enemies appear at every corner.

Squid FPS android

Exciting game mode

At Squid FPS, gamers have three game modes for them to enjoy. In the first mode, when the game is finished downloading, you can play it right away, Level mode. In this mode, there will be many levels for players to unlock in turn. Before starting the battle, gamers will choose for themselves an auxiliary to take advantage of. Next is Endless mode; like its name, everything happens continuously. The enemy will not stop rushing to take the player’s life; this is actual survival. The final game mode, where the competition is pushed to the highest, is Global Ranking. Players will enter a level where there are countless other opponents around the world.

Squid FPS apk free

A game whose appeal is already rooted in the name. Squid FPS has enough trendy and modern elements to attract players. Download Squid FPS mod to help your character pick up different weapons and defeat all the other players with the administrator.

Download Squid FPS MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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