Match Crusaders MOD APK 0.0.1 (Menu/Easy win)

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NameMatch Crusaders APK
PublisherBlack Hole Light
MOD FeaturesMenu/Easy win
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Only 1 wave of enemy

Match Crusaders is a fighting game in the form of a puzzle. In the battle against the forces of darkness, the light side has been winning. Open an uncompromising war with demons and demons in the dark forces. At the head of the dark side is the power of the evil lord Dracula. This guy was defeated by the powerful moves of the light faction. Everything that Dracula built was destroyed. The castle collapsed and became a ruin. The soldiers under his command were annihilated, or else they were lost. But what if the world had no struggle between good and evil? Is there any development?

It is because evil still exists and is eager to reappear. So there needs to be a leader to command and find a way to fight the army of light. Your job now is to assemble an evil legion. Summon all the demons that have been killed. Revive the demons who once served under Dracula and make them your army. Train, sharpen all creatures, demons, and wait for the fierce battle to come. What’s new about Match Crusaders is that instead of being on the righteous side of the light. Now you can take power before the forces of darkness. Build a glorious empire and fulfill your wishes.

Match Crusaders apk free

Download Match Crusaders mod – The battle to gather the dark army to destroy the army of light

The gameplay of Match Crusaders is quite simple and new. The phone screen is divided into two main parts. Above is the active location with the heroes to destroy. Below is a table of energy cards with different colors. At the bottom are cards of the youkai that you bring into battle. There is a green Spin button on the palette. When the player clicks on it, the energy cards will be shuffled up together. Then, if there is a horizontal, vertical, or L-shaped row of energy cards standing side by side. They are converted into energy and turned into the skills of youkai with the same energy below.

Match Crusaders apk

Collect youkai

The stronger the youkai, the less the player’s attacks can be. Increase the speed of ending the war and get more rewards. The dark cavalry with a red overcoat, silver hair accentuated the cruelty of his face. This guy is a fall type, wearing a necklace with a red stone on his chest. Dark specter with green energy card. Only the appearance is a dry skeleton with a hat shaped like a buffalo horn. The shadow girl with a black dress that gave off smoke was also black. On his head, he wears an iron crown with a glowing crescent moon in the center.

Match Crusaders mod

Supporting factor

Below the palette are four empty boxes for support elements in the fight. These factors can save players if they are in difficult times. For example, the red blood potion helps the player’s army restore health when needed. Copper-colored gloves help players move the position of the elemental cards so that appropriate positions appear. The moss green bomb shape can destroy a certain elemental area. The blue potion increases the player’s combat power in a single battle. There are many other supporting elements waiting for players, such as magnifying glass, tornado, hammer, …

Fight with the boss

As the gameplay mentioned above, players need to find a lot of prime lines. In each different terrain, there will be different boss species. Depending on the difficulty of the game, the bosses will be strong, weak or crowded. There is a mutant green demon with blue skin. His body was muscular, and he held a giant wooden stick. Next to them are usually two smaller green demons, goblin-like with green skin. Or the god of light with white angel wings. Blue armor with gold details with temples on the back of the head. Monitor the health column at the foot to attack or not.

The battles took place fiercely and in many different places. The dungeons were built of white stones, the walls covered with cobwebs and moss. In the deep forest with overgrown trees and wires. Or in front of the castle with a bonfire burning behind it. In addition, players can follow the story of the game through the dialogue of the god of light and Dracula. Through the chat section and the image of the two appearing in turn, they re-enacted a dramatic battle of words. Download Match Crusaders mod the war of the dark side and the light side.

Download Match Crusaders MOD APK (Menu/Easy win) for Android

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