Axolochi MOD APK 1.4 (Unlimited money)

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NameAxolochi APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Axolochi is a game that tells you about a new aquatic creature. They often appear in the waters of Mexico and become a typical symbol of this place. The main character in the game after dropping his phone into the sea discovered this animal. He decided to raise them like other pets. Perhaps this is a little strange when most animals such as dogs and cats are commonly cared for by their owners. Axolochi lets you get closer to Axolotls and explore them more deeply. Suitable for players who are on the teen list. Make a plan for the best pet care.

The difference also lies in the appearance. Axolochi is one of the few games for you to nurture creatures living in saltwater environments. They lie deep on the sea floor, seemingly unable to exist in the new environment. You are the one who makes that miracle happen. Axolochi offers a variety of colourful creatures. And of course, they also need a different feeding regime. Players still need to provide all kinds of familiar foods like before.

Axolochi mod

Download Axolochi mod – Take care of pets in the ocean

The exciting activities in Axolochi allow you to accompany new friends. They have enough cuteness, rich colours to give players a great experience. You will nurture a pet no different than in real life. Feed them, bathe them or teach them skills like pirates. Axolochi unknowingly gives the player the ability to go down to the sea whenever he wants. You cannot stand on the shore and drop food under the water. Please come down to the site to take care of your pet. GameDVA reveals the secret to the pets in Axolochi, that they age very quickly. So the developer gives you the opportunity to collect many different pets.

Axolochi mod apk

Discover new eggs

Creatures are born from an egg, they need time to develop. You need to collect eggs to get more pets. As stated earlier, Axolochi comes in a variety of colours. Maybe red or pink will make you feel more familiar, but there are many other colours such as yellow. What colour would you like your axolochi to be? Each egg brings surprises to the player.

Axolochi mod free

Underwater environment

The developer is also very attentive to depicting an environment under the ocean. You can easily see the coral reefs and the dynamic world full of creatures. It’s not like when we sit on a beach or some boat and look down at the water. The seabed is practically no less bustling place than on land.

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Take care of the pet

Feeding or bathing your pet is a routine. In addition to filling them up, a clean body is also one of the most important things. Nobody wants to be near a filthy animal, right? Clean up what is on your body and always make them smell good around them.

Axolochi mod android

Axolochi is a game that gives you many new experiences. The famous marine species in Mexico will become the player’s pet. Familiarize yourself with a completely new regimen and environment. Although there are not too many differences this is still a game worth a try. Download Axolochi mod to prepare to care for new pets with many interesting options.

Download Axolochi MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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