Guardian Girls: Astral Battle MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Unlimited money) 0.9.6

Updated 13/04/2023 (11 months ago)
NameGuardian Girls: Astral Battle APK
PublisherHi-Clay Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Damage/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Guardian Girls: Astral Battle

Guardian Girls: Astral Battle is a colorful story of beautiful female warriors. You will be a character that is both beautiful and brave to fight. The world needs peace again. Are you strong enough and with the rest of your friends to win? Evil monsters are always waiting for you to attack. Will you become a great superhero with unique weapons, bullets, and supporting souls? Individual battles and challenges will constantly challenge your bravery. Teammates are a mighty army. Will you be the heroine for this game?

The onslaught of monsters known as Spirits was terrifying. The whole world is turned upside down and threatened. Coming to Guardian Girls Astral Battle, you will experience an exciting epic space. All-powerful battles will open right in front of your eyes. They are not only a battle of men but of women with weak hands and feet. The characters you control are just as talented as other heroes. The battle is full of challenges, and cruelty will bring great emotions. This is a brutal fight but brings complete satisfaction in colorful frames.

Guardian Girls android

Download Guardian Girls: Astral Battle mod – Become a talented female warrior

If you are a fan of fighting games but like simplicity, you can look to this game. In Guardian Girls: Astral Battle, you will only perform easy combat operations. What is most needed in this war is courage and strategy. Whether the battle is successful or not is up to your plan. The rest is the excellent combination of you and your teammates. You are transforming into a character who is extremely beautiful and brave. Your girl never seemed to be afraid of the onslaught of ferocious monsters. Please maintain the fighting spirit to the end!

Guardian Girls apk free

The weapon is simple but qualitative

Your girls will only use bullets and spirits in battle with monsters. You can choose any strong girl to control. Ammunition is no longer a weapon reserved for male warriors. You must be knowledgeable and knowledgeable about your bullets. In the battle, if you use bullets at the right time, you will defeat many monsters. This will be your advantage for energy and strength. When fighting the Spirits, you will use some unique souls to aid your strength. They will also save you in the toughest of times. Ammo and soul are two tools to assist you in the fight. Use them effectively!

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Challenging mission

The girls in Guardian Girls: Astral Battle will work together to create beautiful stories. Each character will contribute to creating exciting details in the fight against monsters. You will shoot stubborn Spirits with lots of bullets. Remember, you must not only use bullets to attack your opponent, but you also have to dodge. They are also enormous in number and are not afraid to defeat women. The giant monsters also use bullets to throw at you from all sides. This is a war of bullets. If you are not careful to get hit, you must accept losing immediately. Boss monsters are the most notable opponent. You and your girls must use various clever strategies to confront them. Every ten levels pass, you will have more great ammunition to fight.

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The cast of characters has an extreme interface

What will beautiful girls be like when they plunge into fierce battles? You will no longer see the gentle beauty of women. These are all heroic warriors. The fighting space with the music is also energetic and brave. The colors and costumes worn by the warrior girls are vibrant. You can choose a character like Necta, Mikan, Mao, or Ghina to transform into a female warrior. Each girl has her beauty and strength. Choose textures you believe are the same as your character to be confident in battle. You and your allies will do the most valuable feats. You and your girl will discover the story behind the Spirit’s attack.

Guardian Girls mod

The battle between monsters and individual girls will be fascinating. Are you ready to fight for peace? Every war becomes excellent if you try your best. Anime girls become more real than ever through the control of your genius. Fighting with your teammates is strong and brave now! Download Guardian Girls: Astral Battle mod to become a female warrior to master the bullets and conquer the enemy.

How to Download & Install Guardian Girls: Astral Battle MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Unlimited money) for Android


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