Antarctica 88 MOD APK (Unlocked, God mode) 1.6.2

Updated 25/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameAntarctica 88 APK
PublisherEuphoria Horror Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked, God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Antarctica 88 MOD APK Information


  • Unlocked premium content.


  • Immortal


  • Unlocked.
  • God mode (Some don’t attack but you can still die from ngax0.
  • Unlimited ammo.
  • Disable enemies.

Introduce MOD APK Antarctica 88

If you are a fan of horror games, you are no stranger to Death Park. The hit game of Euphoria Horror Games. Following the success of this game, the manufacturer has continued to release a game called Antarctica 88. It is also a horror game but with its differences has brought great success. Although it is a later game, not so that Antarctica 88 is less attractive.

Antarctica 88 was born in early 2021 has brought a new wind to the familiar horror game series. The game is well received by gamers. Antarctica 88 is appreciated for its quality as well as the content. Right at the time of launch, the number of game settings increased continuously. There are currently over 1 million app installs. This is an expected figure for game makers.

Antarctica 88 mod android

Download Antarctica 88 mod – Explore the horror world together

The fantasy world is an extremely rich repository of materials for game developers. Inspired by this resource Antarctica 88 is a survival game that combines adventure. Antarctica 88 recreates a virtual world of rare horror monsters. With a sci-fi storyline combined with a multitude of missions that have an open end. The game brings you interesting surprises. Converge special features from different survival games. All of which makes a difference for Antarctica 88. The player will play the role of a rescuer who joins his teammates in learning the mysteries of the Antarctic land. Find out the answer to the expedition’s disappearance and sudden loss of contact. This will be a dangerous but equally enjoyable journey.

Antarctica 88 mod.

Survive against scary monsters

One morning when you wake up, you find out where you woke up is a cave in the Antarctic. It has a year-round cold climate and giant ice sheets. Before you can recover, you must quickly find food and essentials. And more importantly, the weapon to fight monsters. They are extremely dangerous and bloodthirsty animals. Players will have to shiver about their form and ferocity. Be careful you can become a meal for them with a small amount. Equipping yourself with survival skills is a must-have. Otherwise this place will be hell for you. I’m not sure if you still have a chance to go home.

Antarctica 88 mod apk

Interesting challenge

The journey to find answers to your mysteries will be full of difficult but equally fascinating challenges. As soon as you start playing you have to face the cave with narrow nooks. They are like a maze and are full of danger. The player must find a way to escape from that place safely. On the way you will have to collect guns and grenade ammunition. These will be tools to assist you in fighting monsters. Sometimes the places you have to go through are in hangers. Each player’s move is fraught with risk. You have to find ways to take advantage of and interact with things nearby to escape. There are no clear missions, though. But you have to find the answers to the puzzles to open locked doors. Get ready for the challenges that await players in Antarctica 88.

Antarctica 88 mod download

Graphics and sound

Is a survival game that combines horror elements. Antarctica 88 owns a beautiful 3D graphics with a first-person view. The scary virtual world is effectively recreated. All details, angles and character designs are meticulously elaborated. Players have access to the open world. Where the main colour is black. Along with that is the creepy sound system that makes players goosebumps. You won’t know what’s next for you. Every footstep or gunshot when facing a monster depicts the truth and horror. The continuous melodies make the player feel like they are going through a real life-and-death battle.

Antarctica 88 mod free


Antarctica 88 will be a new experience for gamers who love adventure games combined. Coming to Antarctica 88 you will no longer feel boring, tasteless. Instead, it’s a dramatic survival adventure and more. If you are still not looking for a thrilling game then Antarctica 88 will be a reasonable choice. With gameplay stimulating and excited, the game will certainly not disappoint you. So are you ready for Antarctica 88? Download Antarctica 88 together to discover interesting stories in the challenging journey to Antarctica.

How to Download & Install Antarctica 88 MOD APK (Unlocked, God mode) for Android


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