How to Loot MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.2.4

Updated 10/01/2024 (5 months ago)
NameHow to Loot APK
PublisherAzura Global
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
How to Loot MOD APK detail?

Introduce MOD APK How to Loot

Knights are always strong warriors with boundless courage. They are the ones who participate in the rescue and destroy dangerous monsters. The knights always obey the king’s orders and are willing to do what he asks, no matter how difficult. Have you always wished to be like the powerful knights in the movies? But life doesn’t let you do that? It’s okay because How to Loot will help you make that dream. Become a brave knight on the way to rescue the princess. Angry Birds Journey, Charm King are also some games that challenge your brain.

The games currently on the market with the theme of knights are usually action games. Those games are great, but they can waste your time or make you feel tired with them. Knowing that the game maker has released How to Loot, a heroic game with a puzzle style. A new style was brought to the market and created a fever for players. With puzzle gameplay and pass levels without having to fight. How to Loot requires you to use your own intelligence, judgment, and puzzle skills. Seemingly simple but not at all. Challenge your wits with difficult situations.

How to Loot mod android

Download How to Loot mod – Become a smart knight

Coming to How to Loot you will be transformed into a strong and brave knight. Your mission is to overcome difficult challenges to rescue the princess who is imprisoned by the bad guy. You will interact with the game screen, solving puzzles to get through it. There is no need to waste energy fighting monsters. Just solve situations intelligently and you will win. There is no need to become familiar with any control system as the game does not. The only thing you need here is your infinity IQ. It will be the control system to get past this game. Think carefully to come up with the most reasonable solution to help your hero overcome difficulties.

How to Loot mod

Choose your favorite hero

Before starting your rescue work you will be given a choice of character. There are many characters in How to Loot for you to choose from. You can own these amazing characters by buying them in the store. Each character will have a different shape and style. But to have enough money to buy them you will have to win the game screen to be able to receive money. Be a hero with superior intelligence to solve difficult situations. Make lots of money and own yourself all the powerful heroes in How to Loot. Make your collection even more diverse with the most powerful legendary heroes in the kingdom.

How to Loot apk

Rescue the princess

The beautiful princess has been kidnapped by evil and dangerous monsters. The king is very worried and orders you to leave immediately to rescue her. Join the journey full of the toughest and most dangerous challenges. A hero with a high IQ does not need to use sharp weapons. There is no need to directly fight dangerous monsters. Just have a smart mind to deal with difficult situations. Take advantage of traps to destroy hordes of stupid monsters. Open the way to the treasure and win the game. Get yourself extremely valuable rewards to accumulate more assets for yourself. Become the richest hero.

How to Loot mod apk

Thousands of fascinating challenges

How to Loot will present you with thousands of fascinating challenges. Their difficulty will increase gradually with the next game screen. Each challenge will be arranged in different difficulty and difficulty. Your puzzle level is required to be higher and higher than before. This is a way to train your thinking and improve your problem-solving skills. Helping you become better and train sharper judgment and thinking from difficult levels. Destroy monsters by using lava, acids or making them destroy each other. Find a way to keep your gold from being destroyed. If you solve it wrong you will lose your life because of the monster or lose all the booty.

How to Loot free

To make the game more diverse and serve the needs of players, How to Loot has up to 4 game modes. Helps you to avoid getting bored and gives you more types of puzzles. In combat mode, you will have to fight continuously with monsters. In treasure hunting mode, you will not need to worry about deadly traps or monsters, just collect as many treasures as possible. Tower mode will be the classic wood draw game, try not to let the wood fall on your head. Box mode will also be similar to tower mode but will draw wood to cause monsters to fall down lava or acid. Download How to Loot mod now to unleash the tricky puzzles right away.

How to Download & Install How to Loot MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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